Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2020 release of InDesign.
Community Srcipts

Share for review

Share your designs for review, add comments, and manage feedback seamlessly without having to leave InDesign. 



Adobe Fonts Auto-Activation

InDesign automatically finds and activates missing fonts from Adobe Fonts.

Community Srcipts

Place video URL from media panel

Place a video from a valid URL to play streaming video in the exported PDF.


Stability and Performance

Better stability performance, and enablement of smoother workflows.

Share for review

share for review

Initiate your creative review process by sharing designs for review from InDesign without having to rely on other tools. Reviewers can add comments on the shared documents using web browser. Manage the review comments shared by your stakeholders within InDesign and resolve them. 

Auto-Activate Adobe Fonts

auto activate missing fonts

InDesign now automatically finds and activates missing fonts in your documents from Adobe Fonts. You can also check the status of missing fonts activation from the Background Tasks panel. By default, auto-activate Adobe Fonts is disabled in InDesign. You can enable it from Preferences dialog

For more information, see Auto-activate Adobe Fonts

Place video from a URL

Place a video file from a valid URL to play streaming video in the exported PDF. The video must be a valid H.264-encoded file such as MP4 or mov. Ensure that you prefix the URL with http://. 

For more information, see Place a video file from a URL

place video from URL

Stability and other enhancements

We aim to provide you a stable and a better product every release.

This release brings to you an improved application performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and enriched user experience. 

For more information, see Fixed issues.