Easily collaborate with multiple stakeholders. Import comments from PDFs created in InDesign CC.

If you have created PDFs from your InDesign document and shared them for review, you can import comments from the reviewed PDFs right into your document and manage the feedback with ease. You can accept comments and mark them as resolved or unresolved. Selecting a comment also highlights the section in the document where the comment is applicable.


For the correct mapping of comments, ensure that the InDesign document is not edited after creating the PDF for review.

Import comments

  1. Open the InDesign document for which you want to import the PDF comments.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose File > Import PDF Comments.
    • Choose Window > PDF Comments and click Import PDF Comments.
  3. Browse for the PDF having comments for your document and click Import comments. You can import comments from multiple PDFs for your document. The comments are imported and displayed in the PDF Comments panel.

Manage comments

PDF Comments panel overview

The PDF Comments panel displays all the imported comments. The total number of comments is displayed on top. All the comments are grouped based on the page number. 

Each comment displays the following:

  • Type of comment
  • Name of the reviewer
  • Date of the comment
  • Option to mark a comment as resolved or unresolved
  • Option to delete a comment
  • Option to accept a comment, available only for Strikethrough Text, Replace Text, and Insert Text
PDF Comments panel
PDF Comments panel

A. PDF Comments panel menu B. Filter comments C. Mark resolved/unresolved D. Accept a comment E. Delete a comment F. Search comments G. Number of comments H. Type of comment I. Show/Hide comments on layout 

Work with the PDF Comments panel

Once the comments are imported in the PDF Comments panel, you can review individual comments. As you select a comment, the annotation corresponding to that comment gets highlighted in the document.

In the PDF Comments panel, you can do the following:

  • Filter the comments based on their status, reviewer, type of comments, and PDF source of the comments. For more information, see Filter comments.

  • Review individual comments and mark them resolved.

  • Accept the changes for Strikethrough Text, Replace Text, and Insert Text comment types. As you accept the comment, the document is updated with the corresponding changes.

  • Delete a comment.

Filter comments

Filter by status

You can filter the comments based on the following status:


View comments marked as resolved by you.


View comments which are not marked as resolved by you.


View comments which are mapped to an object in the document.


View comments that are not mapped with an object in the document. Unmapped comments display the icon.

Filter by reviewer

If there are multiple reviewers, you can filter the comments by the reviewer of the PDF.

Filter by types of comment

You can filter the comments based on the types of comment. The following comment types are supported in InDesign:

Text Box
Underline Arrow
Text Comment Connected Lines
Text Callout
Highlighted Text
Strikethrough Text Line
Sticky Note Rectangle
Stamp Tool
Insert Text
Replace Text Pencil

Filter by PDF source

If you have imported comments from multiple PDFs, you can filter the comments based on the PDF source.