Learn what's new in the latest release of InDesign.

February 2020 release (version 15.0.2)

Top new features and enhancements

Community Srcipts

Community scripts

Script panel now includes scripts created by the InDesign community.


Stability and Performance

Better stability performance, and enablement of smoother workflows.

November 2019 release (version 15.0)

SVG Import

SVG import

Support for importing SVG files in InDesign. 

Column Rules

Column rules

Support for column rules in a multi-column text frame.

Reverse spell-check

Reverse spell-check

Specify the direction or order by which InDesign scans the text in your document for spelling errors.

Find similar images

Find similar images

Directly access graphic assets similar to the ones placed in your document.

South-East Asian language support

More languages

Support for five new South-East Asian scripts.

Variable fonts

Variable fonts

Support for variable fonts.

Adobe Asset link

Adobe Asset linking

(Applicable for Enterprise users)

Directly access and modify the content stored in AEM Assets without leaving InDesign.

Home screen

In-app Onboarding resources

New self-serve resources available within InDesign to help you get started.

Top enhancements and other changes

Data Merge

Data merge

Has an enhanced user experience.

Flash Player EOL

Removal of Flash Formats

With Flash Player reaching end-of-life, InDesign removes the support for Flash format files.


In-app troubleshooting support

Troubleshooting support right when you run into an issue while opening or saving files.

Product stability

Stability and performance

Better product stability, application performance, and user experience.

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