Adobe Drive 3.2 Release Notes

Release Notes for Adobe® Drive, version 3.2

This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and information on fixes and improvements in this release that are not covered in the Adobe Drive 3 documentation. For an overview of the installation requirements and features introduced in Adobe Drive 3 and in the 3.0.1 update, see the previous Release Notes at
This update includes the 3.0.1 update; it is not necessary to install that update separately.

Fixes and improvements

Adobe Drive 3.2 provides fixes and improvements in performance, metadata handling, and other areas. Key fixes and improvements include the following:


Overall performance has been improved in a number of areas, specifically:

  • When connecting to a CQ DAM server for the first time. [3093329]
  • When checking in files to a CQ DAM server. [3095863]
  • When displaying the status change from "checked out by me" to "up-to-date." [3113491]
  • When loading several assets for the first time.


Specific fixes related to metadata handling include:

  • XMP metadata is now correctly read and written for the AI file type and shown correctly in Adobe Bridge for the INDD file type. [3100337]
  • Labels and ratings are now shown correctly in Adobe Bridge after dragging and dropping a file into the Content pane. [3100337]
  • After purging the cache, metadata for JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, AI, and INDD files is now correctly shown and can be edited in Adobe Bridge. [3081352]
  • Custom properties are now correctly shown in the Inspector pane of Adobe Bridge. [3101273]
  • When Adobe Bridge displays a JPEG asset that has been rotated, the Orientation section of the metadata now appears properly in the Filter tab, and the image can be rotated in Adobe Bridge. [3102272]

Previews and renditions

  • Native previews for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign asset versions now appear in Adobe Bridge. [3084578, 2948383, 3097997]
  • Renditions generated by custom handlers are now supported. [2947431]


You can now connect to localhost servers on port 80 when working with a CQ DAM server. [3053070]

When you use localhost in your connection URL, assets that you display and open from Adobe Bridge now open properly in the appropriate application, starting the application if necessary. [3052812]