Guidelines for Experience Cloud Support Tickets

Provide the following details with any support request to help us streamline your service.


Give us a brief summary of your issue.

Account information:

Include your company name in your support request.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Provide instructions with as much detail as possible, including any URLs needed to duplicate the issue and what your expected experience should be.

Please be specific enough that someone unfamiliar with the workflow could easily reproduce the problem.

Support priority:

Identify your issue priority from the list below and include it in your support request:

  • P1 Critical
    • Problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system
    • Tasks that should be executed immediately cannot be executed due to complete crash of a production system or interruptions in main functions of a production system
    • Problem results in compromised data integrity which could result in financial losses
    • Problem has affected or could affect entire user community
  • P2 Urgent: 
    • Problem results in serious interruptions to normal operations and could negatively impact an enterprise-wide installation or urgent deadlines in a production system
    • Data processing continues but in a restricted manner and data integrity may be at risk which may cause serious interruptions to critical processes
    • Problem hinders the deployment of an enterprise installation of a pre-production system
  • P3 Important: 
    • Problem causes interruptions in normal operations or minor degradation in performance
    • Problem is attributed to malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the Product
  • P4 Minor: 
    • Problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations but no business impact
    • Problem typically consists of installation and configuration inquiries

Response times for each type are as follows:

  • P1 Mission Critical: 30 minutes
  • P2 Urgent: one hour
  • P3 Important: four hours
  • P4 Minor: one business day

Business impact:

Tell us how this issue is impacting your business. Examples of business impact we’d like to know could be:

  • the issue is causing revenue loss
  • work production is slowed, but a workaround was found
  • the product is rendered unusable

Your expectations:

We’d like to know what you expect to happen in order to resolve your issue.

Additional information:

Include any additional information that you think will help us to solve the problem.

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