Understand the role of support delegates within your organization, and how to add or remove support delegates.

With every contract, each organization designates several people to be recognized as support delegates, or supported users, within Adobe's CRM system. Organization may have as many support delegates as they want, as long as a current support delegate is requesting the change.


Support delegates are different from system administrators or product administrators. Administrators have access to the Admin Console or product interface. Support delegates have full access to Marketing Cloud Customer Care. Adobe recommends that a support delegate is given admin-level access.

Allowing multiple users within an organization to contact Customer Care with simple questions increases each representative's load time and response interval. Instead, each user within a given organization can ask their support delegate, who is trained and can answer basic questions specific to their implementation. If the delegate does not know the answer to the question, they can facilitate interactions with Customer Care and relay answers to the user.

When an individual within your organization is recognized as a support delegate, they can create and manage incidents with Customer Care, including:

  • Phone: Support delegates can call and speak with an Adobe representative. When individuals who are not listed as a support delegate contact Customer Care, they are politely asked to have a supported user call in. You can request a list of support delegates within your organization.
  • Chat: Support delegates can use chat functionality in the Experience Cloud interface by going to Help | Customer Care. Then, select the New Cases tab and click the Chat Now button. Unsupported users do not have this option available to them.
  • Log an Incident: Also in the Experience Cloud interface, any supported user can ask a question or report an issue for an Adobe representative to answer. After navigating to Help | Customer Care, select the New Cases tab and enter your information in the Log an Incident box.
  • Email: As an alternative to the "Log an Incident" interface, support delegates can send an email to Customer Care's designated email address. Adobe's automated system automatically rejects emails from unrecognized addresses, and requests that a support delegate submit the incident instead.

See Contact Adobe Customer Care.

Add support delegates

If your organization does not yet have any support delegates, contact your organization's Account Manager. If no one in your organization knows who your account manager is, an unsupported user can contact Customer Care via phone for this specific request. Once the account manager has been contacted, they can initially create you or another individual in your organization as a support delegate.

Remove or change support delegates

Only existing supported users can modify other supported users in the same organization, including removing and adding others. Contact Customer Care via phone, chat, or email to arrange this modification.

Getting support as an unsupported user

If you are not a support delegate, but have a quick question you're hoping to get answered, there are a couple ways to get Help:

  • Ask a question in the community: Get involved in the Adobe Experience Cloud community, where all users can ask and answer questions in a forum for each Experience Cloud solution.
  • Send a tweet to @AdobeExpCare: This twitter handle is dedicated to pointing users in the right direction. If your question becomes too lengthy to discuss in 140 characters, you can potentially be asked to continue the conversation with Customer Care via incident.

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