Can't open animated GIF files as layers | Photoshop Elements 9 | Windows

When you open an animated GIF file in Photoshop Elements 9 Editor, only the first frame of animation appears.

You see the following message:

Install the updated GIF plug-in.

  1. Close Photoshop Elements 9 Editor.
  2. Navigate to the following folder:
    • Windows 32 bit - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9\Plug-Ins\Editor Only\File Formats
    • Windows 65 bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9\Plug-Ins\Editor Only\File Formats
  3. Rename Gif.8BI to ~Gif.8BI.
  4. Download the updated GIF plug-in: GifEL.8BI. (Right-click this link and choose to save the file to your Desktop.)

  5. Move GifEL.8BI to the folder in Step 2.

Additional information

All other versions of Photoshop Elements on Windows have the correct GIF plug-in to support opening animated GIF files as layers. No version of Photoshop Elements on Mac OS can open animated GIF files as layers. Photoshop CS5 is the first version of the parent product that has had this capability added.

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