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You can set an expiration date or deadline for an agreement to be signed. Doing so automatically cancels the transaction when the projected date is met.


An account admin can enable this feature. Go to Account page > Account Settings > Send Settings > Document Expiration.

Set an expiration date

  1. Go to the Send page and enter the e-mail addresses, document name, and message. Check the option Completion Deadline under the Options section.

  2. Enter the number of days the signers can sign the document. Check the projected date displayed, to make sure that it is correct.

    Expire Date Set
  3. Complete the send process as normal.

Change or remove an expiration date

  1. As the sender of the agreement, click the Manage page, single-click the agreement that has an expiration, and click Edit.

  2. Choose whether to change the current deadline or remove the deadline. If changing, enter the new expiration date. Then check whether you want to notify the participants of the transaction and click Save.

    ED - 03


    If the Edit link is not available, it may be that modification of expiration settings after document is sent is not allowed. The admin of the account can enable it by going to Account page > Account Settings > Send Settings > Document Expiration.

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