Adobe Acrobat Sign Release Notes


This document highlights the new features,  experience changes, and resolved issues in the customer-facing application for the most recent release.

Developer-centric updates to the API and Webhooks are documented in the Acrobat Sign developer guide.

Not all features/changes are guaranteed to be enabled on the date of the release.

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Production deployment: November 8, 2022
Government  Cloud Deployment: December 6, 2022

Improved Functionality

  • "Just in time" user provisioning for accounts managed on the Adobe Admin Console -  Accounts that manage users on the Adobe Admin Console can configure their account to automatically create users and optionally add them to the Acrobat Sign product profile when they first authenticate to the Acrobat Sign service via the configured SSO solution.

Learn more about "just in time" provisioning >

  • Electronic seals - Enterprise tier accounts can apply electronic seals (e-seals), which provide the same legal validity as a company rubber stamp on paper. E-seals can be applied by more than one person or system under the control or supervision of the legal entity. The electronic sealing feature in Acrobat Sign allows organizations to apply e-seals using digital certificates issued to their legal entity to help convey the integrity and authenticity of invoices, statements, or other official documents.

Learn more about e-seals here >

Electronic Seals

  • Custom workflows allow the configuration of Recipient Groups in the template - Users that build custom workflows that include Recipient Groups can now fully define the recipient group by adding a comma-delimited list of the email addresses to the email field.

Learn more about custom send workflows >

Configure recipient groups in the workflow template

  • Schedule report and data exports - The new reporting interface (released in April 2022) has been enhanced to allow the scheduling of reports/exports to run regularly and to deliver an email with a link to the report/export for a list of internal users.
    • Scheduled reports/exports can be created, edited, and canceled by the originator only.
      • Reports/exports can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly. The run time executes at midnight of the selected day (Based on the account's time zone setting).
      • A Send it Now option is available to get real-time updates.
      • Only users within the same Acrobat Sign account can be included in the schedule's email distribution.
        • When accessing the email link, the user will be required to authenticate to the Acrobat Sign system.
        • Only users on the email notification list will be allowed to view the report/export content.
        • Emailed links are disabled per the account's document link expiration configuration.
    • Reports/exports with a schedule display an icon when a pointer hovers over the record.

    Learn more about report scheduling >

Improved charts and exports

  • Missing columns in the new reporting Data Exports have been added -  The data export functionality has added all of the columns that are available in the classic interface, bringing the export functionality into parity with the classic experience.  

Column Name


Sender group

Current group of the user that sent the document

Sender company

Company of user at time of agreement creation

Sender device

The device used to create an agreement

Sender rejection reason

Reason sender recalled an agreement

Document retention applied date

GDPR document retention applied

Signature Type

Signature Type: ESIGN or WRITTEN

Number of Documents

Number of documents used to create agreement

Number of Pages

Number of pages in the documents used to create agreement

Number of Recipients

Number of recipients (participants) of an agreement

Number of Completed Recipients

Number of recipients that have completed their required action

Number of Remaining Recipients

 Number of remaining recipients that have not completed their required action

Agreement Message

Text provided by sender when creating agreement

Recipient role

Role determined during sending of an agreement (ie. SIGNER, APPROVER, DELEGATOR)

Recipient company

Company of recipient at time of requested action

Recipient completed date

Requested action complete, ie. Agreement signed

Recipient security option

Selected security option

Recipient started date

Agreement sent to recipient

Recipient viewed date

Agreement viewed by recipient

Recipient device

Device used to sign (or complete other action)

Recipient rejection reason

Reason provided when recipient declines to sign

  • Administrator-managed account sharing - Account-level administrators in accounts with advanced account sharing enabled can restrict account sharing between users, allowing only account admins to create, modify, and cancel account shares between users/groups. Under this configuration, users and group-level admins lose all access to share their accounts.

Account sharing controls can be found by navigating to Account Settings > Security Settings > Account Sharing

Learn more about account sharing >

Improved Shared Account controls

  • Administrator view and control of user-shared accounts - A new tab has been added to the account-level administrator menu to view the user and group-level account sharing that is in place. The Shared Users tab opens a listing of all shares, identifying the users/groups sharing and being shared to, the permissions of the share, the status of the share, and an explicit identification for any shares that are to an external party.

Learn more about the Shared Users tab >

Shared Users Queue

  • The Digital Identity Gateway now supports settings for internal users - The limitation that forced the Digital Identity Gateway feature to disable when different authentication methods were enabled for internal users has been solved, allowing administrators to allow internal identity verification when the option is enabled for external recipients.  

Learn more about the Digital Identity Gateway >

Digital Identity available for internal recipients

  • New identity provider options - Six new identity service options have been added:
    • provides new identity verification services that support the NIST SP 800-63 standard for multi-factor authentication::
      • NIST IAL2/AAL2
      • NIST LOA3
      • Fortified Identity
      • Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)
    • IDnow VideoIdent
    • My Number Card
  • The Digital Identity Gateway is available for customer accounts in the Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government environment - GovernmentCloud accounts can now use the Digital Identity Gateway feature to identify signers with the pre-configured FedRAMP-compliant digital Identity Provider The services provide compliance with the NIST SP 800-63 standard for multi-factor authentication.
Digital Identity Gateway on GovCloud

  • Include Agreement Viewed events in the audit report - For customers that want to understand that the agreement was viewed by the participant, there is an option to add the Agreement viewed event to the audit report and Activity list.

Learn more about the agreement viewed events >

Agreement Viewed events

  • Include a summary of the number of files and pages that comprise the final agreement in the audit report - A file/page count summary can be added to the audit report that displays:
    • The total number of files uploaded when the agreement was created
    • The total number of pages from the files uploaded
    • The total number of supporting files added to the agreement (added through the file attachments)
      • Aggregated from all participants
    • The total number of pages included in all supporting document files

    Learn more about document counts in the audit report >

File and page counts on the audit report

  • Improved accessibility with PDF tagging - Customers that require accessible signed documentation can now enable "tagged" PDF generation. Tagging is the process of adding the proper content and annotations for screen readers to understand and return the content of the PDF.  

When enabled, fields added to documents via authoring will contain proper tagging, and accessible documents that are uploaded will retain their tagging throughout the signature process, producing an accessible signed PDF when complete.

Learn more about accessibility tagging >

Navigate to the accessible pdf controls

  • Improved automatic form field detection (limited deployment) - Automatic form field detection has been improved to more accurately identify the type, size, number, and location of form fields to be placed. This release expands the rollout of the new field detection to include all accounts on the NA1 and NA2 shards in North America. (Previously only enabled for Individual tier accounts and the NA4 shard.)

Learn more about automatic form field detection here >

  • Improved searching for Enterprise service packages and Free accounts - The search functionality used to find agreements has been improved to support more complex string queries using a special syntax. The upgraded search feature has completed the scheduled deployment with the November 2022 product release.
    • This release updates only the Enterprise and Free tiers of service.
    • The documentation for the improved search functionality is available in the online help documentation. A link to the documentation is provided in the application by clicking the information icon next to the search field:
Information icon next to search field

Acrobat Web

  • Acrobat Web Deleted folder - Restore a deleted agreement (Individual licenses only) - Acrobat web users with an individual license can now "soft delete" agreements on their Manage page, sending them to a Deleted folder for 14 days, after which they are purged entirely from the system. Users are able to open the Deleted folder and restore any agreements prior to the agreement being purged.

Learn more about deleting agreements in Acrobat Web >

Select the Delete action for the tempalte

Experience Changes

  • Internet Explorer 11 and the legacy Edge browsers are no longer supported - As of the November 2022 release, Internet Explorer 11 and the legacy Edge browsers are no longer supported on any Acrobat Sign page. Any attempt to access Acrobat Sign with one of these browsers will produce an "Unsupported Browser" page:
Unsupported Browsers

  • Interim fix for embedded signing issues due to disabled third-party cookies - Recipients signing in an embedded version of Acrobat Sign, or with third-party cookies disabled, can encounter difficulty in completing the signature process. A short-term solution has been put in place while a more seamless experience is being developed. The solution detects the problem situation and presents the recipient with a message describing the issue, and provides a button to open the page in a new tab.
Bump out message for browsers with 3rd party cookies disabled

  • Report Abuse links no longer expire - The Report Abuse links no longer expire like other links that are delivered with Acrobat Sign emails.

Learn more about Report Abuse links >

  • Requests for a new link are now displayed in the Audit report and Activity list - When a recipient requests a new link to replace an expired one, the event is now populated in the Audit report and the Activity log.

Learn more about document link expiration >

Request for new link in the Activity list

  • The Send new link button for replacing expired links now disables itself after reaching the throttling limit - To suppress multiple calls to the database due to multiple clicks on the button, the button now disables itself after clicking enough to cross the request throttling threshold (10 times in one hour).
Disabled Sent new link button

  • Reminders sent to more than three people are now summarized in the Activity list - To keep the Activity list readable, any reminders sent to more than three participants will be reduced to a summary line reading: Reminder sent to <num_of_recipients> recipients.

The audit report continues to list the full set of recipients for the official record.

Summany reminder note for the activity list

  • Verification challenge added to hyperlinks - When a recipient clicks a hyperlink that takes the user out of the e-signing experience, a challenge is presented to verify that the user actually wants to open the target URL.
Hyperlink challenge when clicked

  • "Send an extra copy of every signed agreement" input field is removed from the External Archive tab for multi-license accounts - The feature to Send an extra copy of every signed agreement to the following email addresses can be accessed in Account Settings > Global Settings for all tiers of service that have access to the Global Settings tab.  Individual license tiers of service that don't have access to Global Settings will continue to access this feature on the External Archive tab.

Learn more about external archiving >

Removing the Send a copy field form External Archives

  • "Send an extra copy of every signed agreement" feature has installed a 15 email maximum - The feature to Send an extra copy of every signed agreement to the following email addresses has applied a cap of 15 email addresses to the input field. Enterprise customers that have a need to configure more than 15 can contact Support and request an increase.
Maximum number of emails tooltip

  • Legal notice links have been relocated from the web page footer - The legal links in the footer of the web interface have been relocated to the Legal Notices overlay, which can be accessed through the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the window. Only the language selector remains in the footer bar.
Legal notice links removed form the footer

  • Legal Notices have been updated for embedded (noChrome) uses - Customers that use the embedded e-signing page use a version of the Legal Notices link (in the Options menu) that links to Adobe pages containing no additional active links.
NoChrome legal notices without external links

  • An option to create an account has been added to the post-signing page - The post-signing page that recipients are directed to once they have completed their signature process now provides an easy path for them to create an Acrobat Sign account. 
    • Only unknown recipients receive the Create account button. Registered users do not.
    • Recipients in a German locale do not receive the Create account button.
    • Recipients in an unknown locale do not receive the Create account button.
Create an account button added to the post-signing page

  • Updated page layouts for the Account Settings and Payments Integration pages - Both the Account Settings and Payments Integration pages have been updated to provide a more consumable layout. There have been no changes to functionality.
Page layout updates

  • Acrobat Sign Authentication - The Acrobat Sign authentication method has been improved to provide a better description of the authentication process and requirements for recipients. Particularly calling attention to the requirement for an Adobe account to be created (if one doesn't already exist) before authentication can be completed.

Learn more about Acrobat Sign authentication >

Recipient view of Acrobat Sign authentication

REST API/Webhook Updates

API and webhook updates for this release can be found in the Acrobat Sign API documentation.

New and updated REST v6 APIs

  • DELETE /agreements/{agreementId} - A new endpoint that supports the "soft delete" function by moving an agreement and all related data(including database records and physical files) to the Deleted folder where it will be fully destroyed 14 days later (unless restored first).
  • GET /users/{userId}/settings - A new endpoint to obtain the authoring settings for a user.
  • GET /libraryDocument/{libraryDocumentId}/combinedDocument - An update to the existing endpoint to add a value (skipDocumentSealing) that returns a non-certified PDF.
  • POST /libraryDocuments - An update to an existing endpoint that creates a library document from an agreement.
  • GET /groups - This endpoint has been expanded to support the new Shared Users queue by listing the account shares within a group.

New Webhooks

  • New webhook AGREEMENT_REMINDER_INITIATED - The AGREEMENT_REMINDER_INITIATED webhook fires when an agreement reminder is triggered and reminder emails are suppressed.
    • The AGREEMENT_REMINDER_SENT webhook fires when an agreement reminder is triggered and reminder emails are enabled (default).
  • New webhook MEGASIGN_REMINDER_INITIATED - The MEGASIGN_REMINDER_INITIATED webhook fires when a Send in Bulk reminder is triggered and reminder emails are suppressed.
    • The MEGASIGN_REMINDER_SENT webhook fires when a Send in Bulk reminder is triggered and reminder emails are enabled (default).
    • Only one MEGASIGN_REMINDER_INITIATED (or MEGASIGN_REMINDER_SENT) webhook is delivered for the parent Send in Bulk container. Individual child agreements do not each fire a MEGASIGN_REMINDER_INITIATED webhook.

Learn more about webhooks >

Future update for Webhooks

On November 8th, 2022, Adobe Acrobat Sign is rolling out an improved version of webhooks infrastructure (referred to as “webhooks 2.0”). On July 18th, 2023, Adobe will sunset the current webhooks infrastructure (referred to as “classic webhooks”).

Webhooks 2.0 supports all the features of classic webhooks with one caveat. If a webhook was configured for the user, their group, or their account, classic webhooks delivered notifications to all participants of an agreement. In webhooks 2.0, ONLY webhooks configured for the sender, sender’s group or sender’s account will receive notifications. In other words, notifications will no longer be sent to all participants of an agreement. Please note that all future enhancements will ONLY be delivered on webhooks 2.0.  

Effective November 8th, 2022, all new customers will be onboarded to webhooks 2.0.   

All existing customers before November 8th, 2022, will be automatically migrated on March 14th, 2023. Current customers can try webhooks 2.0 on a Trial, Developer, or Sandbox account via Adobe’s Insider Access program on November 8th. 

We expect the migration to be seamless for all customers. However, customers who have strict network security policies in place will require new IP addresses to be configured in accordance with

If you have any questions, please reach out to your success manager or the support team.

System resources

  • Updated Microsoft Office to PDF converter - An update for the Microsoft Office to PDF converter has been installed. This update keeps the converter current with third-party tools and libraries.


Enablement date

Available to (service type)

Configuration level

"Just in time" user provisioning

Within 24 hours of the release

Accounts using the Adobe Admin Console

Console Organization

Electronic Seals

With the release



Report/Data export updates

Within 24 hours of the release

Business and Enterprise

Not configurable

Account sharing controls and overview

With the release

Business and Enterprise


Digital Identity Gateway update

With the release

All service levels


New Identity Providers

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Digital Identity Gateway for GovCloud

December 6, 2022



Audit report/Activity list updates

With the release

All service levels

Doc counts and View events: Account/Group
Reminder summary not configurable

PDF tagging for accessibility

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable for Individual tier accounts

Improved form field detection

Within 24 hours of the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Improved search experience

Within 24 hours of the release

Enterprise and Free only

Not configurable

Delete/Restore agreements in Acrobat Web

Within 24 hours of the release

Acrobat Web Individual tier accounts only

Not configurable

End of support for IE11 and legacy Edge browsers

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Interim solution for third-party cookies in iframes.

Within 24 hours of the release

All service levels

Not configurable

CDS certificate update

Within 24 hours of the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Change to the FROM value in email headers

With the release

Free accounts only

Not configurable

Document link expiration updates

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Hyperlink challenge

With the release

Business and Enterprise

Not configurable

"Send an extra copy" updates

With the release

All service levels


Legal Notices updates

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Create account button on post-signing page

With the release

All service levels
Recipients in a German or Unknown locale do not see the button

Not configurable

Updated layout for Payments and Account Settings pages

With the release

Team, Business, and Enterprise

Not configurable

API Updates

With the release


Not configurable

Webhook updates

With the release

Business and Enterprise (New accounts only)

Not configurable

BCL update

With the release

All service levels

Not configurable

Resolved Issues

4301552 Summary: n agreement author can set the name of a field, but for signer info fields (such as signature date), the field name is internally changed. A map of original field names to modified field names is kept and passed to the e-sign page, but the e-sign page does not currently use the map. When resolving field references for a calculated field, the field name used in the reference is the original name, causing the reference to fail for fields with a modified name.
Fix: Improved the code such that, when determining the field to check for a field reference, if a match is not found checking the current names, the map of renamed fields is then checked.
4316578 Summary: Signers are asked to accept the cookies every time when signing a document within an iFrame.
Fix: An interstitial page has been added to open a new tab allowing the signature process to complete with less friction. This is a temporary fix while a more elegant solution is being developed.
4333689 Summary: A Marshalling error message popup is displayed when signing a web form: "Error marshalling data. See logs for more details". The agreement is signed despite the error.
Fix: A check has been added to evaluate the participant array and determine that it is not empty.
4336236 Summary: Changing an expiration date via API does not properly reflect the new date when queried due to the database not having a chance to update before the Search index queue.
Fix: The code has been improved to improve the order of data saving.
4341563 Summary: An 'Agreement ID is invalid' error is encountered when trying to trigger reminders in the New Manage Page and the account is configured to not expose the agreement after signing in the agreement events. This causes a participation check that is invalid.
Fix: Code has been improved to evaluate the settings pertaining to event logging to ignore the participation check if the logging is being suppressed.
4347518 Summary: Users may be unable to complete the login process when signing due to a mishandled warning that causes a loop in the authentication process.
Fix:Authentication code has been improved to properly manage the error message and prevent the looping.
4350042 Summary: Signed agreements can show up under In progress on the manage page due to cross-shard agreement stubs not updating properly before indexing.
Fix: The indexing code has been improved to account for cross-shard agreements and potential issues with update/indexing timing.
4350089 Summary: When a user accesses workflows under “Start from library”, the Last Modified date erroneously displays the Created Date.
Fix: Code has been updated to ensure the last modified date for the workflow is actually the modified and not the created date.
4353030 Summary: Users in canceled accounts are unable to sign agreements. Only delegation is allowed.
Fix: The code used to generate single-use signer accounts has been improved to account for email addresses that exist in the system but are identified as canceled.
4357904 Summary: Calculated fields using "round" give wrong results in any language other than English due to the locale manager not initiating properly.
Fix: The locale manager has been updated and is properly initializing.
4359443 Summary: Senders will not receive the final email if one of the recipients is inactive due to the inactive userID delegating their authority to a single-use pending userID. The single-use user does not update their status properly, causing the final email to not deliver to the sender.
Fix: Delegation to single-use users has been improved to better account for inactive user delegation and the statuses update properly.
4359784 Summary: When clicking on the coachmark to move to the next field, if the current field is an option in a radio button field, the coachmark will move to the next field option instead of the next field.
Fix: The coachmark code has been updated to move to the next field object when a radio button is selected.
4360292 Summary: The Spanish locale text for daily reminders is incorrect, identifying the reminder as weekly instead of daily.
Fix: The localized string has been corrected.
4360542 Summary: Uzbekistan (+998) is missing from the Available Country Codes for Phone Authentication
Fix: Uzbekistan has been added to the list of available country codes.
4363160 Summary: Inconsistency in Agreement events when viewed via API as compared against the Agreement Activity in the Adobe Sign UI when advanced sharing is enabled and a signer is replaced via a shared account.
Fix:  The event strings have been rewritten to remove "on behalf of" to be consistent with the activity panel and audit report.
4366553 Summary: The User CSV export doesn't report the "Can Send" value properly when inherited from the Account setting.
Fix: Added the parent settings details to the user settings map for the getSetting function.
4366727 Summary: Webhooks do not trigger an Agreement_Reminder_Sent event if the reminder emails are suppressed.
Fix: A new webhook (Agreement_Reminder_Initated) has been created to trigger when reminders are suppressed.
4367344 Summary: Signing reasons aren't displayed on the audit report for agreements sent with non-English locales.
Fix: The code has been improved to ensure all locales are properly formatted with the singing reason.
4367351 Summary: Ampersand (&) characters are converting from half-width to full-width in custom workflow templates.
Fix: The correct Unicode character is now being referenced when an ampersand is used in a string.
4367725 Summary: Creating a custom workflow with an empty CC field and disabling the option to edit the field can result in an "Unsupported workflow" error.
Fix: Improved the code to accommodate an exiting CC field with no value.
4368118 Summary: Global Trial accounts being migrated to Global VIP admin revert back to trial shortly after the migration.
Fix: The migration code was improved to better sync the database with the Acrobat Sign application tier settings.
4368310 Summary: Signature image instruction wording is grammatically incorrect in localized interfaces.
Fix: Updated the strings “Select an image as your signature” to “Select an image of your signature”
4368398 Summary: The new Reports feature may be unavailable for users that admin many groups, causing the header to become larger than the code allows.
Fix: The maximum header size has been increased.
4368508 Summary: Attempting to load an excessive number of webhooks can cause the query to time out with a "Can not process your request" message.
Fix: The default page size for the number of records displayed has been redefined to a number that the query can manage.
4368676 Summary: All Inactive users have the incorrect time zone in the user's CSV export.
Fix: Added the parent settings details to the user settings map for the getSetting function.
4369066 Summary: There is no challenge to leave the agreement for a recipient when selecting a hyperlink.
Fix: A challenge has been added to the hyperlink field.
4369188 Summary: Signature image instruction wording on the Fill and Sign page is grammatically incorrect in localized interfaces.
Fix: Updated the strings “Select an image as your signature” to “Select an image of your signature”
4369403 Summary: Setting the backend setting to ignore the reminder lifespan causes the reminder to cancel after one day.
Fix: The setting has been corrected to properly ignore the reminder lifespan.
4369791 Summary: An unexpected event "entered name at signing as ..." occurs when a Digital Identity authorized name contains Japanese characters.
Fix: The utility function that captures the name value has been improved to better manage Japanese characters.
4371330 Summary: The Signer Identity Report shows '#' in some cases where parts of the document contain Japanese text.
Fix: The utility function that captures the name value has been improved to better manage Japanese characters.
4371423 Summary: Knowledge-based authentication is not being reflected in audit reports.
Fix: The code that formats the audit report has been updated to include KBA events.
4372045 Summary: Creating a workflow with a library template can generate an error: "Unsupported Workflow: Cannot open this workflow because it is either corrupted or contains features not yet supported."
Fix: The code impacting the error has been corrected.
4373220 Summary: The "Sign" and "Acknowledge" buttons do not have enough contrast when they have focus.
Fix: The buttons have been updated to ensure they have the proper contrast ratio.
4373681 Summary: The Legal Notices panel has links that open external pages when opening from an iframe experience. This presents issues for some compliance use cases.
Fix: A discrete Legal Notices panel has been created for use when an iframe/noChrome environment is used.
4374140 Summary:  Users can receive a Completed email when the agreement is using a parallel workflow, is in process, and a URL reauthentication is triggered.
Fix:  Added new code to ensure the correct function fires when a new URL is triggered to one of the participants.
4374910 Summary: The setting to attach the audit report is read from the user's primary group instead of the sending group.
Fix: Updated the code that attaches the audit report to properly read from the sending group.
4376078 Summary: Copying the content of the right rail when an agreement is open on the Manage page has been suppressed.
Fix: The CSS element involved with suppressing the copy functionality has been removed.
4376089 Summary: ACCOUNT_TYPE_UPDATED event name is repeated many times in the public swagger documentation.
Fix: The duplicate text has been removed.
4376127 Summary: Date and initial field content is shifting to the right of the field and truncating data on the right side after the June release due to the default font not being properly applied.
Fix: The code that dictates the font being used has been corrected, resolving the issue.
4376270 Summary: Creating a web form in a group that does not support web forms leads to a broken configuration page.
Fix: The code to launch the web form creation page now references the settings to allow web form creation before launching the compose page and does not launch the page if the feature is disabled.
4376734 Summary: If the same signer on an agreement attempts to sign the agreement multiple times concurrently, the agreement will auto-cancel due to a conversion problem due to thumbnailing taking place before concurrent signing is detected.
Fix: Adjust the code to allow the thumbnailing process only after the signature process is successful.
4381473 Summary: Written signatures are clipped only from the right when using max zoom (6400%) in Acrobat.
Fix: Changed the function used to render the width of the signature to ensure the full image is displayed.
4382302 Summary: Some users may not see the automatic form field detection icon when entering the authoring environment due to a timeout of the process.
Fix: The resources for form field detection have been increased to allow for more concurrent instances.
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