Adobe Sign automated workflows unique document title fix

Automated workflows in Adobe Sign with duplicate document titles must be edited so that each document title is unique.


How do I complete the required change?

Your Account Administrator must edit document title names in a workflow so that only unique document titles exist. To do so:

1. Log in to your Adobe Sign account as an Administrator.

2. Click on the Workflows tab.

3. Select the Workflow and click Open.

4. Click on Documents in the left navigation bar.



5. For each duplicate Document Title, edit the title so that each Document Title in the workflow is unique.


6. Click Update at the top right of your screen.

7. Repeat these steps for any Workflows with duplicate Document Titles.


Why is this change required?

Our improved security framework requires that document titles be unique for an automated workflow to function.


How does this affect you?

Automated workflows with duplicate document titles will no longer function.


What action is required?

To correct this, your Account Administrator will need to edit any duplicate document titles to ensure that only unique titles exist.

To complete the required changes, please followed the steps detailed in this page.


How can I get more information?

For more information, contact Support through the Adobe Sign application. Your Support options are presented by first signing in to Adobe Sign ( and then selecting the “?” up in the top right hand corner.