Adobe Acrobat Sign Government ID: Signer Identity Report


The Signer Identity Report (SIR) records the input captured during the Government ID authentication method. (e.g., The signer's face image, phone number, Government ID images, data extracted from Government ID, etc.)

Signer Identity Report

By default, Adobe Acrobat Sign does not store this information. Accounts with a requirement to collect this data can contact the support team and request the SIR to be enabled.


The SIR:

One SIR is created per agreement. If multiple recipients on the same agreement authenticate with Government ID, all are represented in the one report.

Agreements that are In-progress show the SIR as an Interim Signer Identity Report. The report remains flagged as an Interim report until the transaction reaches a terminal state (completed, expired, abandoned).

When the agreement is finally resolved, the SIR is labeled as the Final Signer Identity Report:

Interim report


The Government ID authentication method and the Signer Identity Report are available to the enterprise service plan only.

User Access to the Signer Identity Report

Only the originator of the agreement can download the SIR from the Manage page.

  • Advanced sharing grants access to the SIR with View permissions

To download the SIR:

  • Navigate to your Manage page
  • Single-click (select) the agreement with the report you want
  • In the right rail, click See more to expose all tools
  • Click Download Identity Report
  • A pop-up appears, requiring you to provide a password for the document
    • This password is embedded in the PDF and must be entered before the PDF can be viewed
  • Once the password is in place, click Download. The report is downloaded to your local system
Download the SIR on the Manage page


If the SIR is downloaded prior to the agreement reaching a terminal state, the document is marked as an Interim report. Once the agreement is completed, the report will identify as the Final SIR.

Interim report

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