You can "burn" (overlay) metadata information on your frames during playback or on the rendered output. For example, selecting the Standard burn-in preset in SpeedGrade superimposes the following information on the footage:

  • Current frame number
  • Location on disk of current sequence
  • Native time code of current frame (assuming the information exists in the header of the file format you’re using)

Display burn-in information during playback

  1. In the Timeline tab, select the View pane.

  2. Under Display Options, select a burn-in preset from the Burn In menu.


    If the menu is inactive, click the Burn-in tool to make it active.

    Burn-in tool

Display burn-in information on the rendered output

Including burn-in information on rendered output can be useful when creating proxy media for offline editing or dailies for review.

  • When setting the rendering options in the Output panel, select a burn-in preset from the menu.
  • In the Flash Burn-In For text box, set the number of frames to display the burn-in information. The default setting is 0, meaning burn-in information is included on all rendered frames.
Burn in render options