Curve adjustments

In the grading panel > Effects pop-up menu, you can view Curves. There are two new color tool options under Curves:

  • RGB Curves
  • Hue & Saturation Curves

Click any one of the options to add a new grading layer. The Curve controls open in the grading panel. To change the color scheme in your image, drag the curve line, add, or remove control points in the curve. You can see the relevant color scheme changes in the image at the same time.

RGB Curves

With RGB Curves, the left-most curve controls the Luma, which is used to adjust the luminance.

This option is similar to that of Photoshop. You can create an S curve for smooth transition and do it in the same interface unlike other Creative Cloud applications, where you have to go to the standard interface.  You can also create dual toning by pushing or pulling the respective color scheme as desired in this option.


Hue and Saturation Curves

The Hue and Saturation curve is new and an exclusive option in SpeedGrade. This curve allows you to boost or mute any part of the color spectrum.

You can adjust the overall saturation curve point, add control points in the respective color scheme in the spectrum and drag the line to apply your adjustments.

To boost a color scheme in the background, move the control point in the color scheme upwards. To mute the color scheme, move the control point downwards. 

You can use curve adjustments on their own, or combine them with any other grading layers, Looks, or LUTs. This feature allows you to enable smooth transition in the color schemes in the image and provides unlimited opportunity to boost or mute colors in the image.


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