Playback shortcuts


Close the Desktop before playback (press D).

Result Keyboard shortcut
Play forward
Play backward
Stop playback K
Play/pause Spacebar
Step forward or backward Right or Left Arrow
Increase or decrease frame rate by 1 fps Page Up or Page Down
Change playback mode F6

Playback controls

Playback controls

Playback controls from left to right:

  • Go to in point
  • Frame step backwards
  • Play backwards
  • Pause
  • Play forward
  • Frame step forward
  • Go to out point

Playback indicators

Playback indicators

The playback indicators on the left side of the Timeline provide the following information, from left to right:

  • The current base frame rate
  • The playback frame rate
  • The disk performance indicator
  • The monitor performance indicator

The disk performance indicator turns red when one of the disks or the CPU cannot deliver real-time decoding at the desired playback speed.

The monitor performance indicator turns red when one of the following issues is detected:

  • An issue with the real-time performance of the grading operations you apply to the clip
  • A sync issue with your display device.

Change the base frame rate

  1. Select Settings > Playback.
  2. Enter a new base frame rate.

Note: The Timeline timecode values reflect your base frame rate setting.

Change the playback frame rate

Press the Page Up or Page Down key to increase or decrease the frame rate by 1 frame per second.

Change the playback mode

SpeedGrade has three playback modes:

  • Single run
  • Ping pong
  • Loop (default)

To switch modes, press F6 or use the Playback Mode button next to the playback controls.

Playback mode button