Most current releases of Adobe apps are compatible with macOS Catalina 10.15.

Can I use my Adobe apps in macOS Catalina 10.15?

Apps compatible with Catalina

We've updated most current apps to 64-bit architecture. The following versions work in Catalina, but have these known issues

Adobe app Version(s) compatible with Catalina
Adobe Creative Cloud apps                   2021
Acrobat Pro DC, Acrobat Standard DC  
2019 and later (subscription or non-subscription)
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017, Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017
Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020, Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020
Adobe Connect 11.2, 11
Adobe Digital Editions                 4.5
Adobe Photoshop Elements         2021
Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

Apps that don't work in Catalina

Most older Adobe apps were created using 32-bit architecture and do not work in Catalina. We have no plans to update apps that we no longer support or develop. The following table lists some common 32-bit Adobe apps that are not compatible with Catalina. (It is not a comprehensive list of all older 32-bit Adobe apps.)

Adobe Product Status and alternatives
Creative Cloud apps – 2018 release and earlier No updates planned. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest release of Creative Cloud apps.
Adobe Captivate Update scheduled end of 2019
Creative Suite apps No updates planned. We recommend that you upgrade to Creative Cloud.
Fuse No updates planned. Find free characters on Mixamo.
Adobe Presenter Video Express No updates planned. We recommend moving to Adobe Captivate
SpeedGrade No updates planned. Certain features have been integrated into Premiere Pro, which is 64-bit compliant.

Uninstall 32-bit apps before upgrading to Catalina

Before you upgrade to Catalina, we recommend that you uninstall your 32-bit Adobe apps. Older uninstallers are also 32-bit apps and don't work in Catalina. 

 If you already upgraded to Catalina, you can use the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool to uninstall older versions of Creative Cloud apps.

I keep my apps updated. Do I need to reinstall?

If you've kept Acrobat DC or Creative Cloud apps up to date, they are already 64-bit compliant. 

How to update Creative Cloud apps

You can update your apps using the Creative Cloud desktop app. See how to update your apps to the latest versions.

Are there issues using current Adobe apps in Catalina?