Adobe Drive CC (version 5.0.3) Release Notes

This document contains late-breaking product information, and updates not covered in the Adobe Drive documentation. For an overview of the installation requirements and features introduced in Adobe Drive CC (version 5), see the previous Release Notes at:

In this release

Adobe Drive CC 5.0.3 provides critical fixes. Key fixes and improvements include the following:

  • Support for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.3)
  • Support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 and Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 apps
  • Improved support for large file upload on OS X Mavericks
  • Improved search with Adobe Bridge
  • Improved support for large OBJ files. Fixed data corruption
  • Improved file version handling if versions created at server

Known issues

Following issues are known to occur in 5.0.3 release.

  • If you have a previous installation of Adobe Drive 5.0.x on  OS X Yosemite, perform the following cleanup steps sequentially before installing Adobe Drive 5.0.3:
    • Un-pack the AdobeDrive5UninstallUtility.dmg
    • Run within AdobeDrive5UninstallUtility.dmg
    • Uninstall the previous version of Adobe Drive
    • Restart the system
    • Install Adobe Drive 5.0.3
  • Forcible quitting from Finder is required to proceed with the installation when the Adobe Drive installer becomes unresponsive during installation on Mac OS and Activity Monitor displays Finder as unresponsive.
  • Adobe Bridge crashes when asset in child folder is copied to parent folder.
  • Adobe Drive 5.0.3 needs JDK 1.6 installed on Mac OS.
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