The Adobe Sign feature to delete agreements for recipients is available to all levels of service.


Adobe Sign allows for a Privacy Administrator to delete any agreement created by any user within their account from the Adobe Sign system (in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

This deletion is complete and irrevocable once initiated.

Access to the tool is limited to only Account Admins that have the Privacy Administrator option enabled.

Privacy Admins only have the authority to delete agreements created by users that reside within their account.

How it's used

GDPR asserts that users (signers typically) have the right to have all records containing their personal information deleted from systems that no longer have a business need to retain it.

Within the context of Adobe Sign, this means that the user must contact the company they have signed documents with to evaluate the documents in the system and delete them if appropriate.

A privacy admin must be nominated from the Account admins in the account, granting them the authority to view all agreements and delete them as needed.

The process to comply with GDPR is straightforward, and the decision to delete or retain the agreements rests solely with the privacy admin for the account.


To review and delete a users content:

  • Log in as a privacy admin for your account
  • Navigate to Account > Privacy
  • Type the email address of the requesting party into the top field and press Enter
  • All agreements that have been created by users in your account, and that include the provided email address, are returned


  • Single click each record, and then click the Download Agreement link at the top of the agreement list
  • Open the downloaded PDF, and review the content to assess if the contract is still in effect, or if you have some other valid reason to retain the agreement
  • If there is no reason to retain the document, click the Delete (garbage can) icon on the far-right of the agreement record
    • Deleting the agreement is absolute and irreversible


GDPR does not require that you delete agreements that are still legally in effect.


A challenge is issued to verify that you really want to delete the agreement

  • Click Delete Agreement if you are very sure you want to delete the agreement


A Success message displays, indicating that the deletion is in process.

  • It's too late now.... click OK

Configuration options

There are no options beyond enabling/disabling the feature.

How to enable or disable

Access to the Privacy page is limited to Privacy Admins. 

Only when the user is flagged as a Privacy Admin will they have access.

To enable Privacy admin:

  • Log in as an Account admin
  • Navigate to Account > Users
  • Single click the user you want to promote to privacy admin
  • Select Edit from the menu above the user list


When the user panel opens:

  • Check the box at the bottom of the panel where it says User is a privacy administrator
  • Click Save

Things to keep in mind...

  • If you are working through an integration (Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Salesforce, etc) and storing copies of the files there, remember to delete the content from there as well.
  • If you have an external archive (API, email, box, Evernote), make sure to delete that content also.

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