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For more information, see the New features summary.

This document describes the new and changed features in the Premiere Pro CC October 2013 release:

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Direct-Link workflow between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade

The new Direct Link provides a tighter and more efficient workflow between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade.

Using Direct Link, you can send or open a Premiere Pro project directly in SpeedGrade, apply color grading, and send it back to Premiere Pro. The Direct-Link workflow eliminates the need to export and import projects, deal with interchange formats, or any kind of file conversions.

For more details, see Direct-Link workflow between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade.


Support for new camera formats

When you use SpeedGrade in the Direct-Link mode, the file formats supported in Premiere Pro are automatically supported in SpeedGrade, too.

SpeedGrade now supports the following new camera formats in Direct-Link mode.

  • Apple ProRes 64-bit
  • Blackmagic Cinema DNG
  • Native MJPEGs (1DC)
  • Panasonic AVC Ultra Long GOP (Group of Pictures)
  • Phantom Cine
  • Sony RAW (F65, F55, F5, FS700)
  • Sony XAVC Long GOP

Multiple masks within a single look

Earlier, you could not create more than one mask for the same Look or Grade in SpeedGrade. To apply more than one mask, you had to create a new Look or grading clip on a new grading track.

SpeedGrade now lets you create multiple masks within a single grading layer using a single .look file. It is as simple as adding a new layer, and using the Mask tools to create a mask for that layer.

Using multiple masks in a single Look (or grade) allows you to work faster and keep your Timeline better organized.

Share a mask across multiple layers

You can share a mask across multiple layers by using the Link Or Unlink Current Layer button.

You can link a layer with the layers immediately below by clicking the Link Current Layer button. When you apply a mask to the main layer, the mask is applied across all the linked layers.

Use the Link Or Unlink Current Layer button to toggle between linking or unlinking a mask.

Toggle button to link or unlink mask

New SpeedLooks for consistent color grading

SpeedGrade now includes a SpeedLooks package that provides you out-of-the-box Looks to add vibrance and consistency to your grading.

The SpeedLooks package includes Camera Patches and SpeedLooks. The Camera Patches are designed to adjust color spaces quickly when working with different cameras on the same project.

When you add a SpeedLook to footage that has Camera Patches applied, you get a consistent grading result across footage shot on different cameras.  

SpeedLooks and Camera Patches are available as presets in the Look panel.

For more information on SpeedLooks, see New SpeedLooks and camera patches in SpeedGrade CC.

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