Learn how to publish design specs for developers.

Design specs empower you to share design properties of your files with the developers. By publishing design specs, you provide key information like object height, width, size, alignment, relative spacing between two icons (objects), colors, and typography.

When you publish design specs as public links, you can also restrict access through password protection. To password-protect an already shared design spec, see Password protect existing prototype links.

When you publish design specs as private links, you can invite internal and external reviewers.


You can delete published design specs using the Manage Links option in XD.

To publish and share design specs:

  1. Open the Adobe XD file that you want to share with the developers.

  2. Click the Share button in the upper-right corner and click Share for Development.

    Publish design specs
    Publish design specs
  3. To create a public link, click the small drop-down button, and select Anyone with the link can view option. Select Only invited people can view option to create a private link.

    Share for Development options
    Share for Development options


    XD sets the default units of measurement based on the option chosen in the publish dialog box.

    • iOS: Default unit is pt, assets are available in 1x, 2x, and 3x.
    • Web: Default unit is px, assets are available in 1x and 2x.
    • Android: Default unit is dp.

    These default units are not editable.

  4. If you choose to create a public link: 
    • Click Copy Link to copy the public link and send it to developer for inspection. 
    • Click Open Link to open the design specs in the default browser.
    Share for development options
    Share for development options

    A. Copy link B. Open link in browser 
  5. If you choose to create a private link: 

    1. Enter the email addresses of the developers, or reviewers in the Invite tab.
    2. Add an optional message.
    3. Click Invite.
    Private invites
    Private invites
  6. When you are ready to republish the design specs, click the Share button and click Share for Development. After republishing design specs, you can continue changing your design. 

    To create a new link to the design specs, click New Link. To update the existing link with the changes you have made, click Update


If you have any issues publishing or viewing published design specs, see Workarounds for common design spec errors.

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