The Adobe Sign Custom Email Template feature is available to the enterprise service level of service only

Feature description

Fully customize the look and feel of the outbound messages that Adobe Sign sends.

Use your own familiar branding, color scheme, images, and text, formatted however you like, to deliver these emails:

  • Please Sign
  • Signed and Filed
  • Reminders
  • Canceled transactions

If you're on the enterprise service plan, you can work with our Professional Services team to build the perfect email template for your Account as a whole, or for each Group within your account, as needed. Fees may apply.

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How it's used

Once enrolled in the program, the Professional Services team will work with your Adobe Sign account administrator to build the templates that will replace the existing default layout.

There are four template types that can be customized:

  • The initial "Please Sign" email
  • The final "Signed and Filed" email
  • The Reminder email
  • The Canceled transaction email

Within each template type, there are multiple versions. One for each of the supported languages (or locales).

These templates exist as account wide templates. All groups inherit their templates from the account, and all users inherit their templates from the group: Account > Group > User

By changing the account level template, all groups inherit the new custom template. As a direct result, all users inherit the custom template (from their respective groups).

If a custom email template is inserted at the group level, inheritance from the account level is broken, and all users in that group will inherit the group level template. Other groups continue to inherit the account level template.

For example, if the Adobe account has a Photoshop group, emails can be designed to appeal to the sensibilities of the Photoshop audience.

Alternately, the Legal group may want to have a very different vibe, and design their email templates accordingly.


Users and Admins

Once the email templates are in place, users and admins don't have to do anything.  The email templates will be automatically applied.

How to enable or disable

The Custom Email Template feature can only be enabled and configured in the system by the Adobe Sign Professional Services team. Please contact your Success Manager to determine scope of work and additional costs if you would like to enable this feature.

Templates can be configured at the Account and/or the Group level and for any/each locale.

Customers may reduce development time and mitigate service costs by designing their templates in-house the guide below:


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