Report Abuse


Adobe Acrobat Sign provides a mechanism for recipients and users to report abusive agreements to the Adobe security and privacy team for review.

Abuse in this context is used to identify any agreement that is:

  • Spam
  • Phishing
  • Offensive content
  • Trademark infringement
  • Unkown/unsolicited from the sender
  • Other violations of the Terms of Use or legally inappropriate content
Reporting an agreement as abuse does not immediately cancel the agreement or otherwise disrupt the signature process. The privacy and security team will evaluate the reported cause of abuse and determine the appropriate next action required.
An agreement can be reported as abuse via:
  • Links in agreement emails
  • The Options menu on the e-sign page
  • The Manage page agreement Actions sidebar

Reporting abuse from email notifications

Email notifications from Acrobat Sign regarding an agreement/signature process expose the Report Abuse link at the bottom of the email content to the right of the Terms of Use link.

All agreement related emails contain the link, and the link may not be suppressed:

Report Abuse link in email


The Report Abuse links in emails are not subject to the normal document link expiration setting.

Report Abuse links are always active in the email templates.


Reporting abuse from the Options menu on the e-sign page

Recipients of an agreement can find the option to Report Abuse in the Options menu.

This option may not be suppressed.

Report Abuse Options menu


Reporting abuse from the agreement Actions on the Manage page

Acrobat Sign users have access to the Report Abuse link for any agreement sent to them that appears on their Manage page.

The current status of the agreement does not matter. In progress, canceled,  and completed agreements can all be reported.

Report Abuse - Manage page


Submit the abuse form

After selecting a Report Abuse link, the user is presented with a brief form to collect information regarding the nature of the abuse being reported.

All fields on the form are required.

Report Abuse form

After reporting the agreement, the user is delivered a success notification.

If reporting from within Acrobat Sign, the notification is a green pop-up at the top of the screen.

Recipients reporting from email or the Options menu on the e-sign page are delivered to a "You're all set" landing page:

Report Abuse - Success messages


Reported abuse typically does not involve any further communication, and reporters should not expect to receive updates regarding their report.

Adobe will address all reports per internal policy.

Limitations and known issues

  • Report Abuse is enabled (and required) for all accounts except for the enterprise and business tiers.
  • Accounts configured for HIPAA compliance are excluded from the Report Abuse functionality.
  • The Report Abuse functionality is only applicable to the agreements generated after the feature has been introduced to the account.
  • Fill and Sign workflows do not include the Report Abuse functionality.
  • The Acrobat Sign mobile applications do not currently support the Report Abuse link.
  • Operational emails from Adobe (that are not part of an Acrobat Sign signature process) do not include the Report Abuse link.
  • The classic Manage page does not support the Report Abuse process.


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