After updating Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to version 10.1.4 or 9.5.2, you receive the following error when opening some PDF files:

“Insufficient data for an image.”

Error: Insufficient data for an image

The PDF opens, but the contents are either blurred, or missing.


Do one of the following in Acrobat or Reader 10.1.4:

  • Change the zoom settings so you can see the contents of the document. Try reducing the Zoom factor, or click Fit One Full Page To Window. You can make this setting persistent (to avoid changing for every document) in Edit > Preferences > Page Display > Zoom > Fit Page.
  • Resave the PDF in Acrobat as an Optimized PDF, using the Standard PDF Optimizer settings, or as a Reduced File Size PDF.

Alternate solution

The error might also be caused due to the corruption of the PDF structure or improper tags, images, metadata in the PDF file. Follow the steps to sanitize the PDF:

  1. In the top right area in Acrobat, click the Tools pane.
  2. Open the Protection panel.
        The sanitation tools are listed under the heading Hidden Information.
    • To permanently remove items such as metadata, comments, and file attachments, select Sanitize Document. Click OK.
    • To have more control over what is removed, select Remove Hidden Information.
    3. Type a name for your file, and click Save.


The selected content is permanently removed when you sanitize PDF and save the file.

Additional information

The 10.1.4 update changed the Acrobat and Reader functionality use to display scanned documents and documents containing JPEG2000 (JP2K) images.

The Acrobat engineering team has fixed this issue in the latest release of Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader XI here: You are encouraged to download the latest version of Reader to avoid encountering this error going forward. The team is working actively toward fixing the problem in earlier versions (10.x and 9.x) as well, and expects to deliver a solution in early 2013.