Share large files online using Send & Track

You can quickly share large documents, images, audio, and video files without emailing limitations, and track downloads. The files are stored securely in Adobe Document Cloud. Recipients simply click the link to view or download your files. For more information, see Send and track large files online.

To change your Adobe account settings, see Adobe Online Services preferences.

Share files by email

You can share many file types, not just PDF files.

  1. To email a file, do one of the following:
    • Choose File > Send File.

    • Click the Email icon in the toolbar.

  2. In the Send Email dialog box, choose an option and then click Continue.
    • Select Use Default email application to use your email software

    • Select Use Webmail to use email webmail systems such as Gmail or Yahoo

    Check Remember my choice to bypass this dialog box in the future.

  3. Click Continue, and follow the on-screen instructions.

To add or edit email accounts, see Email account preferences.

Email account preferences

To change or add email accounts, open the Preferences dialog box, and under Categories, select Email Accounts. The email account is used in various worflows such as send file and review. You can use an account configured through your default email client, or use webmail accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.


Lists all the email accounts.

Add Account

Select an email account to add. For Gmail and Yahoo! enter your email address. For other accounts, you’ll need to enter more details such as your password, and server settings.


Edits the settings for other email accounts.

Make Default

Click to use the selected account to use as default.


Click to delete the selected account.

Adobe Online Services preferences

To change your Adobe account settings, open the Preferences dialog box, and under Categories, select Adobe Online Services.

Email Address (Adobe ID)

Specifies your email address associated with your Adobe ID.

Manage Account

Click to view and manage your account settings.

Change Password

Click to clear your currently saved password and specify a new one.

Sync preferences across devices and document services

Sync your preferences or settings across devices and document services.

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