Adobe Acrobat adds sophisticated print production tools that enable a complete PDF workflow for high-end color output. The print production tools can be accessed by choosing Tools > Print Production

Open the Print Production tools

  1. Choose Tools > Print Production.

    The Print Production tools are displayed in the right hand pane.

    Print Production Tools in Acrobat
    The Print Production tools in the right hand pane.

Output Preview

Combines separation preview, soft proofing, color warnings, and more in one convenient dialog box.


Allows you to perform more than 400 predefined checks for all the common output errors, and then correct all fixable errors.

Edit Object

Allows you to select, move, and edit both raster and vector objects. You can edit individual object properties, such as tags, color space, or rendering intent.

Convert Colors

Allows you to convert any color space in the document to the target color space.

Flattener Preview

Allows you to define and apply flattening settings for transparent objects. Includes a preview for viewing transparent objects and the effects your settings have on those objects. You can save the settings as presets to apply to other pages or PDFs.

Save As PDF/X

Allows you to save the current document as per the PDF/X standards.  

Set Page Boxes

Allows you to define the crop, trim, bleed, art, and media boxes on a page. The elements are important for proper page positioning and placement of printer marks, especially for imposition.

Add Printer Marks

Adds standard printer marks to a PDF page for positioning. These marks are embedded in the PDF.

Fix Hairlines

Based on user settings, finds hairlines and replaces them with heavier-weight lines.

Ink Manager

Modifies the way inks are treated while the current PDF is open. The Acrobat Ink Manager uses the same options and controls as other Adobe applications.

Trap Presets

Allows you to create and apply trap settings for later execution by an Adobe RIP that licenses Adobe In-RIP Trapping.

Add Article Box

Allows you to define a series of article boxes.

How to print PDFs

Follow the steps mentioned in the article to Print PDFs.

Troubleshoot print issues