Field roles

When adding your Agreement fields, it is important to set the Role for the various fields. The Role determines which signing party is allowed to interact with that field.

Updated in the May Release

The May 2017 release will change how the participants and their roles are reflected in the Authoring environment, better clarifying who the parties are and what their role is in the agreement.

Set roles for fields

To set up a field so that a specific person can interact with it, set the Role when you are authoring the document.

You can set the Role before adding the field to the document by selecting the Recipient from the right rail of the Authoring environment. Fields assigned to the selected recipient become 'active', fields assigned to a different role are dimmed.

Roles in the Authoring environment

Once a field is on the document, you can modify the Role by double-clicking that field. A small options dialog box opens for that field. Here the role for that specific field can be changed in the Recipient picklist menu.

The Role selector in the Field properties

Set roles in a multiple signer transaction

Each signer e-mail address in the Recipient section must have at least one Signature Field assigned to them. Otherwise, Adobe Sign auto-generates a Signature Block field at the end of the document.

By default, the signers sign in the order that their e-mail addresses were entered into the Recipient section. It is important to remember this workflow when setting up the signature fields.

When a signature field is placed, you can set the Role for that field (who can click to sign). Right-click a signature field for the first signer, and select edit. A window opens where you can define the options for that field. Select the first signer's e-mail address from the Roles pop-up menu.

Repeat this step to associate all the other signature fields for the other signers.

Watch this short tutorial video to learn how to author a multi-signer document:

Set roles in a library document

When creating or editing a library template, you can place various fields onto the document and set the Role for those fields to:

  • Prefill (by Sender)
  • Recipient 
  • Anyone

You can add more recipient roles to the library document by clicking Add New Recipient.

You cannot define Specific Signers, because there are no recipients added when creating a library document.

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