How to create an integration key in Adobe Sign


  1. Log in to your Adobe Sign account.

  2. Click the Account tab.

    Adobe Sign Account Tab
  3. Scroll down and click Adobe Sign API.

    Adobe Sign API
  4.  Click the "Integration Key" link.

    Integration Key
  5. You need to name the Integration Key, and select which Scopes to grant to the Integration Key and click Save.

    Create Integration Key
  6. Once saved, the application appears in the list of created applications in your Adobe Sign account.

    To see the Integration Key value, click the application name and then the Integration Key link.  The Integration Key value then appears in a pop-up window.

Additional Information

The ability to generate an integration key is only available with the Enterprise and Developer subscriptions.

If you have upgraded to an Enterprise/Developer subscription and are unable to find the option to create an Integration Key, contact support to get the feature enabled for your account.

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