Edit a Web Form

Edit an existing web form

Web forms that are still in Draft status can be accessed on the Manage page by selecting the Web forms filter on the left rail.

  • Mouse over the web form in question to expose the Edit quick action.
  • Or click the web form record to expose the action panel on the right side of the window, and click the Edit Web Form action
Access a Draft status web form

Draft web forms allow:

  • the Web Form Name to be edited
  • the email address of the counter-signer(s)
  • the email address of the CC'd parties
  • the attached files to be edited
  • access to edit the fields on the web form
You can not edit:
  • the group the web form is related to
  • the number of recipients, counter-signers, or CC'd parties
  • the participant roles
  • the selected authentication methods
Edit options for a Draft web form

Edit the web form name and/or files, then click Next to open the authoring environment.

After adding your fields, click Save to launch the web form.

Escaping from the authoring environment will save the web form in Draft status.

Existing web forms can be modified at the document level.

The owner of the web form can update:

  • The attached files
    • The old file can be removed, and new files can be added
  • The fields on the attached files
    • Fields can be added and/or removed from the original files, or any new files that are added
Values that can not be changed after the web form is generated are:
  • The group the web form is sent from
  • The web form name
  • The Participant Role
  • The Authentication method
  • The counter signers
  • The CC'd parties
  • The Options

The URL of the web form does not change when the web form is edited, so existing links will continue to work with the updated content.

Edit the web form

To edit an existing web form:

  1. Click the Manage tab 

  2. Select the Web forms filter

  3. Select the web form you want to enable

  4. Click the Edit button 


  5. The configuration page loads, allowing you to add or remove files from the web form.

    Click Next when the files are correct


  6. The in-app authoring environment opens, showing the files that are attached, and ready to accept field addition/manipulation.

    Existing fields from files that were already attached will persist.

  7. Add/edit the fields as needed.

  8. When the field configuration is complete, click Update



    Updates to the live web form take place in real-time.

    Once you click Update, the next party to access your web form will have access to the net files/fields.


If the creator of the web form has been added to the web form counter-signers, that user may not be edited.

Counter-signer and CC email values can be edited once the web form is Active.

  • Draft and Disabled web forms do not allow editing these values.
  • Only the email value can be edited. The number of counter-signers/CC'd parties can not be altered.

To edit the counter-signer or CC'd email:

  1. Navigate to the Manage page and select the Web forms filter in the left rail

  2. Single-click the web form to be altered

    • Or mouse over the web form in question and click the Open quick action
    • Or click the Open Web Form action
    Open the web form

  3. Mouse over the counter-signer or CC'd party to open a pop-out ballon with the Replace Signer link.

    Click Replace Signer.

    Mouse over the counter-signer

  4. Enter the new email address and click Replace

    Mouse over the counter-signer

  5. A success message displays when the new value is accepted.