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Version 3.3 | Substance 3D Sampler

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  2. Getting Started
    1. Getting Started overview
    2. Activation and licenses
    3. System requirements
    4. Shortcuts
    5. Importing Resources
    6. Report a bug
    7. Project Management
    8. Export
      1. Export overview
      2. Export Window
      3. Default Presets
        1. Default Presets overview
        2. Arnold 5
        3. Blender Cycles/Eevee
        4. Corona Renderer
        5. Enscape - Revit
        6. Keyshot9+ *missing*
        7. Lens Studio
        8. Spark AR Studio
        9. Unity HDRP Standard
        10. Unity HDRP Specular
        11. Unity Standard
        12. Unity Specular
        13. Unreal Engine 4
        14. Redshift
        15. V-Ray Next
      4. Managing custom presets
      5. Managing Presets
  3. Interface
    1. Interface overview
    2. The Home Screen
    3. 2D and 3D Viewport
    4. Sidebars
    5. Panels
      1. Panels overview
      2. Project panel
      3. Assets panel
      4. Layers panel
      5. Properties panel
      6. Viewer Settings panel
      7. Shader Settings panel
      8. Channel Settings panel
      9. Metadata panel
      10. Share panel
      11. Physical Size Panel
      12. Exposed Parameters Panel
      13. Resources
    6. Tools and Widgets
      1. Tools and Widgets overview
      2. Sliders
      3. Color Picker
    7. Preferences
      1. Preferences overview
      2. Normal Format
  4. Filters
    1. Filters overview
    2. Custom Filters
    3. Compound Filters
    4. Generators
      1. Generators overview
      2. Atlas Scatter
      3. Brickwall
      4. Cloth Weave
      5. Decal
      6. Embossing
      7. Embroidery
      8. Floor Tiles
      9. Gravel
      10. Panel
      11. Parquet
      12. Pattern
      13. Pavement
      14. Perforate
      15. Quilt Stitch
      16. Splatter
      17. Stonewall
      18. Surface Relief
      19. Weave
    5. Adjustments
      1. Adjustments overview
      2. Blur
      3. Brightness/Contrast
      4. Colorize
      5. Color Replace
      6. Color Variation
      7. Equalize
      8. Fill
      9. Hue/Saturation
      10. Invert
      11. Sharpen
      12. Vibrance
    6. Tools
      1. Tools overview
      2. Atlas Creator
      3. Atlas Splitter
      4. Channels Generation
      5. Channel Switch
      6. Clone Stamp
      7. Crop tool
      8. Delight (AI Powered)
      9. Height to AO
      10. Height to Normal
      11. Image To Material
      12. Make it Tile
      13. Match
      14. Multiangle To Material
      15. Normal to Height
      16. Paint Wrap *missing*
      17. PBR Validate
      18. Perspective Correction
      19. Tiling
      20. Transform
      21. Warp
      22. Warp Transform
    7. HDRI Tools
      1. HDRI Tools overview
      2. Color Temperature Adjustment
      3. Exposure
      4. Exposure Preview
      5. HDR Merge
      6. Line Light
      7. Nadir Extract
      8. Nadir Patch
      9. Panorama Patch
      10. Plane Light
      11. Shape Light
      12. Sphere Light
      13. Straighten Horizon
    8. Wear and Finish
      1. Wear and Finish overview
      2. Corrode
      3. Cracks
      4. Dirt
      5. Discarded Gums
      6. Dust
      7. Erode
      8. Metal Finish
      9. Moss
      10. Oxidate
      11. Paint
      12. Rust
      13. Scratch
      14. Snow
      15. Water
      16. Varnish
  5. Technical Support
    1. Technical Support overview
    2. Exporting the log file
    3. Configuration
      1. Configuration overview
      2. Retrieving the installation path
      3. Update Checker
      4. NVIDIA Driver Settings
      5. 3D CApture set-up on Linux *missing*
    4. Technical Issues
      1. Technical Issues overview
    5. Data or project issues
      1. Data or project issues overview
      2. Import Substance Alchemist projects in Substance 3D Sampler
      3. Materials are missing after upgrading from beta version
    6. Filter issues
      1. Filter issues overview
      2. Image to Material and Delighter are missing
    7. Interface issues
      1. Interface issues overview
      2. Fonts are not displayed correctly
      3. Main interface is transparent
    8. Performance issues
      1. Performance issues overview
      2. Color picker takes long time to open the first time
      3. Interface lags when interacting with the layer stack or other elements
    9. Stability issues
      1. Stability issues overview
      2. Crash when exporting a material
      3. Crash when using the Image to Material or Delighter
    10. Startup issues
      1. Startup issues overview
      2. Application doesn't start on Linux
  6. Features and workflows
    1. Features and workflows overview
    2. 3D Capture
    3. Export parametric assets
    4. End to end Physical Size Workflow
    5. Texture Import
    6. Use As Bitmap
    7. Adobe Standard Material
  7. Pipeline and integrations
    1. Pipeline and integrations overview
    2. Environment variables
  8. Scripting and Development
    1. Scripting and Development overview
    2. Manage installed plugins and scripts
    3. Create a Plugin with Python and QML
    4. Create a Script with Python
      1. Create a Script with Python overview
      2. Example Scripts
  9. Release Notes
    1. Release Notes overview
    2. All Changes
    3. Version 4.1 *missing*
    4. Version 4.0
    5. Version 3.4
    6. Version 3.3
    7. Old Versions
      1. Version 3.2
      2. Version 3.1
      3. Version 3.0
      4. Version 2020.3 (2.3)
      5. Version 2020.2 (2.2)
      6. Version 2020.1 (2.1)
      7. Version 2019.1
      8. Version 0.8.1
      9. Version 0.8.0
      10. Version 0.7.0
      11. Version 0.6.1
      12. 0.6.0
      13. 0.5.4
      14. 0.5.3
      15. 0.5.2
      16. 0.5.1
      17. 0.5.0

Version 3.3

Substance 3D Sampler 3.3.0 introduces a series of new tools, content, and features to more easily create and edit materials and environment lights.

Release date: 17 May, 2022

Major features

Content-Aware Fill

Content-Aware Fill is a popular technology found in Adobe Photoshop, used to remove details in a picture while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding area.

Substance 3D Sampler now uses this same technology, allowing you to clean PBR materials and environment lights. On PBR materials, Content-Aware Fill is applied across all channels. There is no need to process each channel separately.

Content-Aware Fill can help remove large elements to avoid repetition when tiling a material or remove small imperfections on your scanned fabric.

When capturing 360 panoramas, you may not have control of all the elements in the scene and therefore you need to remove small objects on the ground, paintings on a wall or a person standing in the background. Content-Aware Fill now makes this easier.

IBL Authoring

Spherical projection

Editing environment lights and 360 images can be challenging when they are displayed as regular images. All elements are distorted making it nearly impossible to edit. With the new spherical projection, you can navigate in 360° and edit with dedicated tools like Nadir Patch, Content-Aware Fill, and all procedural lights with no distortion. It is now easier, for example, to edit or clean straight lines, remove the tripod of the camera, and place line lights perfectly.

Check out new tutorial to create environment lights using this new mode.

Exposure slider

In the 2D view, you can temporarily modify the exposure to help you better see details or objects on underexposed or overexposed parts of the environment you are editing.

Dedicated viewer settings

The viewer settings are persistent per type of asset (material or environment light). You can set the mesh, default textures, or camera field of view for each asset type for easier switching between them to work in the right context.

Improved Widgets

Clone Stamp

With this Clone Stamp update, you can paint multiple stamp strokes with various sources in a single layer and access the stamp history in the layer stack. Also, you can now see the stamp result directly in the brush preview before painting. This makes material cleaning easier and avoids a lot of back and forth between views.

Crop and Transform

This update introduces new shortcuts for the Crop and Transform widgets manipulation.

Brush Toolbar

The new UI, similar to the most recent Adobe products like Fresco, allows you to move the toolbar anywhere in the 2D view, displayed vertically or horizontally. While painting, switch between brush and eraser with the E key and use the new tiling options to better control what you paint.

Image to Material (AI powered)

Preserve tiling

Image to Material (AI Powered) gets a new option: It can now preserve the tiling of your tileable image reducing the time to tile the material after.


Send materials to Stager

It was already possible to send environment lights to Stager. Now you can send your materials to Stager in one click, just as you can with Designer and Painter. Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to publish your materials and load them into Stager as individual files (requires Stager version 1.2.0 with the new material manager).

Release Notes

3.3.0 Zucchini

(Released 17 May, 2022)


  • [Content] New Content-Aware Fill filter (Windows and Mac)
  • [Content] Content-Aware Fill is working on images, PBR materials, and environment lights
  • [Content] Add "Preserve Tiling" parameter to Image to Material (AI Powered)
  • [Content] The Perspective Transform filter can display a grid between its four points
  • [Interoperability] Send materials to Adobe Substance 3D Stager
  • [Tools] Center the transformation by pressing Ctrl when resizing Transform or Crop tool
  • [Tools] Lock the ratio to square by pressing Shift when resizing Transform or Crop tool
  • [Tools] Clone stamp cursor offers a preview of what will be stamped
  • [Tools] Preview original content in the the Eraser cursor when using Clone stamp
  • [Tools] Ctrl+Click creates a new stamp in the Clone Stamp layer
  • [Tools] Successive clone stamps are now grouped within a single layer
  • [Tools] Brush Toolbar UI Revamp
  • [Tools] The Brush Toolbar position is persistent during a session
  • [Tools] New brush tiling options by axis
  • [Tools] Hide/display the overlay over the 2D view when painting
  • [Tools] New shortcut, "X" key, to toggle between Brush and Eraser
  • [Tools] New shortcut, "[" "]" to change the Brush size
  • [Tools] New shortcut, "E" key, to toggle the Eraser
  • [2D View] New Spherical Projection mode when creating environment light
  • [2D View] Brush tool is supported with the spherical projection mode
  • [2D View] Position tool is supported with the spherical projection mode
  • [2D View] Undo/redo is supported with the spherical projection mode
  • [2D View] In Spherical Projection, set the default position to look at the center of the environment
  • [2D View] New exposure control
  • [UI] In the Properties panel, the Image tweak displays the source of the content (Image or from a layer)
  • [UI] Improved the layer/material outputs dropdown background
  • [UI] New position of the resolution information in the 2D View
  • [UI] New tooltip with 3D view navigation controls shortcuts
  • [UI] New tooltip with brush controls
  • [UI] New tooltip with projection navigation controls shortcuts
  • [Compound Filters] Compound filters handle variations to work on images, PBR materials, and environment lights
  • [Compound Filters] Tweaks order matches the nodes list order in the compound filter
  • [Compound Filters] Tweaks of different nodes with the same group will be merged in one single group in the Properties panel
  • [Application] Have dedicated viewer settings per asset type


  • [Application] Application may crash when switching to 2D view
  • [Application] Fix a possible deadlock or crash when exporting multiple times
  • [Application] Make default values for channels consistent with Substance 3D Designer
  • [Application] Loading a project doesn't trigger the material recompute
  • [Application] Updated the URL to texture import documentation
  • [Content] When using a compound filter, it asks to be updated when it shouldn't, on reload
  • [Content] Details in height map disappear when using Opacity Blend
  • [UI] In the Color Dialog, it is possible to get out of range using the slider's text fields
  • [UI] Usage list has a useless vertical scrollbar

Known Issues:

  • [Color Picker] Picking a color on a second monitor with a different resolution may not work
  • [Content] Shape light widget is not working in spherical projection mode
  • [Interoperability] Material with displacement sent to Stager will lose displacement controls
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