Your Creative Cloud membership entitles you to the latest version of the CC applications and
updates. As an Enterprise or Team customer, you may have different methods and requirements for applying updates. We know each customer is different. Here we outline some of the options that are available for applying or deploying updates to your end users.

Notification of updates 

If you have access to the Admin Console, you can choose to receive email notifications once a week with the updates that have been released for the Creative Cloud products.

  1. In the Admin Console, choose Packages > Tools & Notifications.

  2. To enable notifications, select the checkbox in the Notifications section.

Methods to apply updates

Self service

If your end users have access to the Creative Cloud Desktop application, they are notified when new updates become available and are prompted to install. This method reduces the overhead for IT and gives users access to the latest updates as soon as they are released. 


Package updates

To save bandwidth or to keep track of when and where updates have been deployed, you may choose to package updates with Creative Cloud Packager. When you launch Creative Cloud Packager you can select to create a new package. When you get to the Applications and Updates screen just select the updates you want to package. The result is a native installer package that can be deployed to all of your end users.


Remote Update Manager (RUM)

The Remote Update Manager (RUM) allows the administrator to remotely invoke the updater on the client system. You can update all applications or just the selected applications. You may also choose to list what is available for the client or to download and cache the updates to be installed later perhaps after a restart.


Adobe Update Server

It is possible to host your own on premise update server. Using the Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST), you can sync your own web server with Adobe’s. This allows you to host all updates on premise. To install the updates, you can either use RUM to install from your update server on demand or you can choose to have the clients update themselves either on schedule or via self-service with the Creative Cloud Desktop application.


Also, remember that if you have downloaded a pre-created package or have access to the Admin Console then the Packages page shows you what updates are available for your package.


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