Disable a widget

When you disable a widget, the widget is longer accessible by signers, but is visible in your account. You can re-enable the widget at any time.

To disable a widget:

  1. Click the Manage tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the Widget section and select the Widget with a single click.
    Note: Do not click the "get code" link.
  3. Click Disable in the small information window in the upper-right corner.
NAv to Widget

You are prompted with two options of how you would like to disable the Widget.

  • Redirect signers to another web page: You can redirect the signers to another web page, like the current version of the widget or a message indicating the widget is no longer available.
  • Enter a custom message to signers: You can enter a message that will be displayed to users trying to access the disabled widget. You can add hyperlinks to the message by enclosing them in brackets [ ]. And, you can add labels by using the | (pipe) symbol. For example: [https://www.sign.adobe.com/ | Adobe Sign] displays as Adobe Sign.

Select the option that you want, and click Disable

Disable Widget


A "Successfully disabled widget" message appears.

Disabled message

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