The Admin Console allows you to manage users, groups, identities, and deployment of Document Cloud apps. You can download the Acrobat DC deployment packages from the Deployment panel and customize them as per your requirements.

Use the Deployment panel to:

  • Download Acrobat DC packages for Windows and Mac OS. Find links to relevant documents and videos to get started.
  • Download the Customization wizard and customize the deployment package.
  • Deploy the packages, either using manual deployment or using third-party deployment tools.
Download Acrobat DC packages
Download Creative Cloud Packager and view created packages

Download Acrobat DC packages

From the Document Cloud Deployment panel, you can download Acrobat DC packages.

The download package for Acrobat Pro DC & Acrobat Standard DC is the same. After deployment, when users launch Acrobat DC and sign in with their ID, the application gets activated as Pro or Standard depending on their entitlement.

Download Acrobat DC installer for Windows or Mac

Customize deployment package

Optionally, you can customize the deployment packages to your organization. Download the Customization Wizard to modify the deployment packages.

The Customization Wizard streamlines the task of configuring (customizing) the installer prior to organization-wide deployment. For example, you can customize the installer to accept the standard EULA and fill in your organization name automatically. Other options include:

  • Leverage existing deployments by copying enterprise files and registry configurations.
  • Modify the registry (via the Registry Editor) and installer tables (via the Direct Editor) directly.
  • Optimize the behavior of the installer by including silent installation, pre-serialization, reboot, multilingual, and custom setup.
  • Remove previous versions of Reader and Acrobat.
  • Suppress display EULA and registration prompts.



Use the Customization Wizard to modify deployment packages

For more information, see Customization Wizard help (Windows | Mac OS)


Deploy Acrobat DC

To install Acrobat DC, you can either use both self-service or managed deployment modes. Users can perform a double-click install, or you can use standard third-party remote deployment tools to install Acrobat DC. Installers are MSI (Windows) or PKG (Mac OS), and provide the necessary user interface prompts to run. 

You can also follow usual deployment practices for Acrobat as mentioned in Acrobat Enterprise Toolkit documentation.

Deploy updates

If automatic updates are enabled, users can download application updates from adobe.com. Users are notified whenever updates are available. Alternatively, users can choose Help > Check for Updates from within the application. 

For managed deployment of patches and updates, see Acrobat Enterprise Toolkit documentation.

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