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New features

March 2021 release (version 18.0)

Media Replacement in Motion Graphics templates and Essential Properties

Create Motion Graphics templates with swappable media to enable editors in Premiere Pro to replace images or video. You can generate multiple variations of a template using Essential Properties and with different types of media for outputs such as social media graphics, animated slideshows, brand templates containing a logo.

Real-Time 3D Draft Preview

Make creative decisions faster when working with 3D scenes. The new real-time 3D rendering engine gives you instant feedback on your 3D designs in the Comp panel so you can easily make creative decisions much faster and spend more time iterating on your design.

3D Ground Plane

A ground plane is a horizontal plane of projection that gives you a sense of perspective and space within your 3D scene. It has a dedicated toggle button which appears in the Composition panel toolbar.

Improved Composition Toolbar

Get access to the most-used composition options tools when you need them most. An updated, in-context Comp panel toolbar displays options within the context of your design and is more logically organized.

Team Projects performance improvements

After Effects artists can now share and receive changes to Team Projects faster. Searches are now at least twice as fast, thanks to more efficient indexing.

Currently in Beta

Multi-Frame Rendering

The After Effects Beta includes new Multi-Frame Rendering support for export via the updated Render Queue. 


The August 2021 (version 18.4.1) release of After Effects offers a host of security fixes and bug fixes. For the complete list of fixed issues, see Fixed issues in After Effects.

Previous releases of After Effects

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