Set the locale settings at the system level for Windows and macOS using the Creative Cloud Packager or the Adobe Admin Console.

To let the locale settings of the end-user's computer determined the language in which the apps are installed, choose the following options:

  • For the Creative Cloud Packager, choose the Match OS option
  • For the Adobe Admin Console, choose the Use OS locale option

When you run the installer, it checks for the locale on the host system. It must be noted that the locale check is done at the system level. This implies that if, on a host system, the locale for which the products need to be installed is set for a user (or set of users), the products will not be installed in that language but will be installed in the locale that is set at the system level.

To ensure that the products are installed in a specific language, you need to ensure that locale is set at the system level.

For the Windows OS, perform the steps detailed the Microsoft document to change the locale and region.

For the MAC OS, perform the following steps:

Change locale and region

Follow the steps below to change the locale and region on a MAC:


There are 2 ways to change the system locale:

1. Use the command line

Use the following command to change the OS locale at the system level:

sudo defaults write .GlobalPreferences AppleLocale de_DE

The new locale would be then sniffed by Creative Cloud Packager installer correctly.

2. Use System Preferences

Perform the following steps to install the German language on a macOS:

  1. Launch the terminal.

  2. Use the following command to open System Preferences:

    sudo /Applications/System\\ Preferences

  3. When prompted, enter the admin password.

  4. In the System Preferences app, set the language and region as required.

  5. Restart your computer.

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