Package non-Creative Cloud products


Creative Cloud Packager is no longer in development and no updates will be provided. Also, Creative Cloud Packager cannot be used to create packages that include Creative Cloud 2019 apps or later. Learn More.

We recommend that you use the create package workflows provided in the Adobe Admin Console.

See how to create Named User Licensing packages and Shared Device Licensing packages.

You can use Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) to package non-Creative Cloud products as well. Creative Cloud Packager supports the serial number deployment of following products at this time.

Entering a volume serial number for non-Creative Cloud products will only show that product. You'll need to create separate packages, and these products cannot be added to a package that contains Creative Cloud products.



Mac OS

Photoshop Elements



Premiere Elements



Adobe Captivate



Adobe Presenter



Adobe Robohelp



Adobe Framemaker



Adobe Technical Communication Suite



Adobe Presenter Video Express




To deploy Elements 12 products on Windows, see Deploy Photoshop Elements 12. To deploy Elements 13 products, see Silent Install and Deployment instructions.

  1. If you don't have it already, retrieve your enterprise serial number from Adobe Licensing Website.

  2. Launch Creative Cloud Packager, and sign in as an Enterprise customer.

  3. Create a package with License Type as Serial Number, and enter your enterprise serial number.

  4. Creative Cloud packager displays eligible products. Select the required products and updates, and then click Build.

Known Issues

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.0 prompts for region after installation using CCP

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13.0 prompts end users to select their region after it is installed. To suppress the region popup, create a language pointer file on the machines where you are deploying Photoshop Elements. In the language pointer file, you can define the language for the installer and the users will not be prompted for language:

  1. Create a file named elements.ini in the machines where you are deploying Photoshop Elements at: <root>:\Users\All Users\Adobe\Elements Organizer\13.0.

  2. In the elements.ini file, make an entry for the Geographical location identifier of your end user's country. For example, if your end users are in the US, the code is 244 and the entry is:


    Geographical location identifier (Decimal) for all the countries are listed at:

    Table of Geographical Locations


Installation fails when a 64-bit Adobe Presenter package is deployed on a computer with 64-bit OS + 32-bit MS Office

If you create a 64 bit Presenter package using CCP and install on computer with 64 bit OS + 32 bit MS Office, installation fails. 

Similarly, if you create a 32 bit Presenter package using CCP and install on 64 bit OS, installation fails.

Note: While creating a package using CCP:

  1. If you choose 32 bit, the packager bundles 32 bit Presenter
  2. If you choose 64 bit, the packager bundles 64 bit Presenter.  

For information on creating packages and step-by-step instructions, see Creating packages.

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