The Gateway class sends and receives CFEvent instances to communicate with the ColdFusion listener CFC or application. The CFEvent instances correspond to CFML CFEvent structure that ColdFusion application listener CFC methods receive and contain the message structures that ColdFusion application code sends to the gateway.

  • The Gateway notifies ColdFusion of a message by sending a CFEvent instance in GatewayServices.addEvent method.
  • The Gateway receives a CFEvent instance when ColdFusion calls the gateway's outgoingMessage method.
    The CFEvent Class extends the java.util.Hashtable class and has the following methods:



CFEvent(String gatewayID)

CFEvent constructor.

String getGatewayID()

Returns the gateway ID (set in the CFEvent constructor).

void setCFCMethod(String method)String getCFCMethod()

Sets or gets the name of the CFC method that receives an incoming message.

void setCFCPath(String path)String getCFCPath()

Sets or gets the path to the application listener CFC that processes the event.

void setCFCTimeout(String seconds)String getCFCTimeout()

Sets or gets the time-out, in seconds, for the listener CFC to process the event request.

void setData(Map data)Map getData()

Sets or gets the event data structure, which contains the message contents and any other gateway-specific information.

void setGatewayType(String type)String getGatewayType()

Sets or gets the event gateway type identifier, such as SMS.

void setOriginatorID(String id)String getOriginatorID()

Sets or gets the gateway- or protocol-specific Identity of the originator of a message.


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