An abstract class that represents an exception thrown during processing of a ColdFusion Extension (CFX) procedure.
The CCFXRequest classCCFXQuery class, and CCFXStringSet class can throw exceptions of this type. Your ColdFusion Extension code must be written to handle exceptions of this type. 

Class methods

virtual LPCSTR GetError()

The :GetError function returns a general error message.

virtual LPCSTR GetDiagnostics()

The :GetDiagnostics function returns detailed error information.



Provides basic user output for exceptions that occur during processing.



Provides detailed user output for exception that occur during processing.


This code block shows how GetError and GetDiagnostics work with ThrowException and ReThrowException.

// Write output back to the user here...
pRequest->Write( "Hello from CFX_FOO2!" ) ;
pRequest->ThrowException("User Error", "You goof'd...");

// Output optional debug info
if ( pRequest->Debug() )
pRequest->WriteDebug( "Debug info..." ) ;

// Catch ColdFusion exceptions & re-raise them
catch( CCFXException* e )
// This is how you would pull the error information
LPCTSTR strError = e->GetError();
LPCTSTR strDiagnostic = e->GetDiagnostics();

pRequest->ReThrowException( e ) ;

// Catch ALL other exceptions and throw them as
// ColdFusion exceptions (DO NOT REMOVE! --
// this prevents the server from crashing in
// case of an unexpected exception)
catch( ... )
"Error occurred in tag CFX_FOO2",
"Unexpected error occurred while processing tag." ) ;