Lists the contents of on-disk or in-memory directory. Also lists the contents of the sub-directories if recurse is set to true.


Contents of the directory based on the parameter listInfo:

  • If listInfo="query", query object
  • If listInfo="name", array of names
  • If listInfo="path", array of path


System functions

Function Syntax

DirectoryList(path [,recurse] [,listInfo] [,filter] [,sort] [,type] ) 

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ColdFusion (2018 release): Introduced named parameters.

ColdFusion 11: Added the type argument.





The absolute path of the directory for which to list the contents. Alternatively, you can specify IP address as in the following example: DirectoryList("//");.


Whether ColdFusion performs the action on subdirectories: If true, contents of all subdirectories are also listed.


  • name: returns an array of names of files and directories.
  • path: returns an array of paths of files and directories.
  • query: returns a query.


File extension filter applied to returned names, for example, *.cfm. Multiple filters can be applied by using a pipe delimiter. For example: *.beer|*.cookies

Also, you can pass a function in the filter argument:


boolean function filterBySize(path, type, extension) {
var sizeLimit = 1024 * 100; //more than 10 KB
var extensionList = "jpg,jpeg,gif,png";
if(type is "dir") return false;

if(listFindNoCase(extensionList,extension)) {
var fileInfo = getFileInfo(path);
var size = fileInfo.size;
if(size >= sizeLimit) return true;
return false;

filteredResults = directorylist(expandPath("."), true, "path", filterBySize);

The arguments of the passed functions must have:

  • path: The file path
  • type: The values (file or dir )
  • extension: The file extension if any otherwise an empty string       

 Additionally, it can also accept the instances of Java FileFilter Objects.


Query columns by which to sort a directory listing. Delimited list of columns from query output.To qualify a column, use one of the following values:

  • asc: ascending (a to z) sort order.
  • dec: descending (z to a) sort order.
    For example:sort = "directory ASC, size DESC, datelastmodified"
  • file: includes only filenames.
  • dir: includes only directory names.
  • all: includes both filenames and directory names.


Ensure that you have the required permissions to run this function.


The following code dumps the contents of a directory:

<h2>DirectoryList Example</h2> 
<h3>Enter a directory for Listing.</h3> 
<cfform action = "directoryList.cfm" method="post" preservedata="true" > 
<label for="listDirectory">Directory Path: </label><cfinput type = "text" id="listDirectory" name = "listDirectory"> 
<br /> 
<label for="recurse">Recurse: </label><cfinput id="recurse" type="checkbox" value="recurse" name="recurse"> 
<br /> 
<label for="listInfo">List Info: </label> 
<cfselect name="listInfo" id="listInfo"> 
<option value="name">name</option> 
<option value="path">path</option> 
<option value="query">query</option> 
<br /> 
<label for="filter">Filter: </label><cfinput id="filter" type="text" value="" name="filter"> 
<input type = "submit" value="submit" name = "submit"> 

<cfif IsDefined("FORM.listDirectory")> 
<cfif FORM.listDirectory is not ""> 
<cfset listDirectory = FORM.listDirectory> 
<cfset recurse = false> 
<cfif isDefined("FORM.recurse")> 
<cfset recurse = true> 
<cfset listInfo = FORM.listInfo> 
<cfset filter = FORM.filter> 
<cfset res= DirectoryList(listDirectory,recurse,listInfo,filter)> 
<cfoutput><b>Content of Directory #listDirectory#: </b></cfoutput> 
<cfdump var="#res#"> 
<b>Error Message:</b><cfoutput>#cfcatch.message#</cfoutput><br/> 
<b>Error Detail:</b><cfoutput>#cfcatch.Detail#</cfoutput> 
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