Adds a buddy to the buddy list for the gateway user ID and asks to have the IM server send messages with the buddy's online presence state to the gateway.


Boolean = addBuddy(name, nickname, group)

See also

getBuddyInfogetBuddyListremoveBuddyUsing the GatewayHelper object in the Developing ColdFusion Applications





The unique instant messaging user name for the person about whom you want to receive periodic status messages.


The nickname that the application can use to refer to the user.


The name of the group you wish to add the user to in your Buddy List. If the group specified does not exist, it will be created. If the group parameter is the empty string, the gateway uses the General group.


True if the ID was added to the gateway's buddy list; False, otherwise.


This method adds the buddy to the buddy list for the gateway's ID and sends a subscription request (to automatically get presence information about the buddy's online status) to the remote buddy. It does not wait for a response from the buddy, so it returns True (and the gateway adds the buddy to the list) even if the buddy denies the subscription request. Use the listener CFC onAddBuddyResponse method to monitor the buddy's response. If the field value is decline, the listener method can call the gatewayHelper object removeBuddy method to remove the buddy from the buddy list.


See GatewayHelper example in Using the GatewayHelper object the Developing ColdFusion Applications, which uses all GatewayHelper class methods.


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