Searches an array for the first position of a specified object. The function searches for simple objects such as strings and numbers or for complex objects such as structures. When the second parameter is a simple object, string searches are not case-sensitive. This function does not support searches for COM and CORBA objects.

Note that ArrayFindNoCase() behaves identically to ArrayFind(), except in the special cases where the second parameter is a function or you are searching for a string in an array of strings. When the second parameter is a function, ArrayFind() executes the function for each element in the array and ArrayFindNoCase() searches the array for the function.


Index in the array of the first match, or 0 if there is no match.



ColdFusion 9: Added this function.

Function syntax

ArrayFindNoCase(array, function(arrayElement) {return true|false;})

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One dimensional array to search in. Valid datatypes in array are:

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Number


Object to search for. Valid datatypes for object are String or Number.


Inline function executed for each element in the array. Returns true if the array element matches the search criterion.

arrayElement Array element being accessed.


writeOutput(ArrayFindNoCase(["STRING","string"], "string"));

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