The SMS gateway puts the following information in a CFEvent instance that it sends to the CFC listener method:




Contents of the PDU source_addr field, the address of the device that sent the message.


Listener CFC method name. Value of the configuration file cfc-method entry, or onIncomingMessage if the configuration file does not have this entry.


Contents of the short_message field of the PDU.


The address of the device that sent this message.


The address to which the message was sent; an address in the range specified by the gateway configuration file address-range setting.


Contents of the PDU esm_class field. Identifies the message type. A number in the range 0-255 representing a Byte value, where bits 2-5 (0-indexed) indicate the message type, and therefore the contents of the data.MESSAGE field, as follows. (Reserved values are omitted.)xx0000xx-Normal message{{xx0001xx}}-SMSC delivery receipt{{xx0010xx}}SME Delivery Acknowledgement{{xx0100xx}}-SME Manual/User Acknowledgement{{xx0110xx}}-Conversation abort (Korean CDMA only)xx1000xx-Intermediate Delivery NotificationFor more information on this field, see the SMPP specification.


Contents of the PDU protocol_id field. Meaningful for messages sent from GSM networks only. For more information, see the GSM 03.40 specification.


Contents of the PDU priority_flag field. A message priority level set by the originating SME, in the range 0-3; 0 is the lowest priority and 3 is the highest priority. The specific priority level meaning depends on the originating network. For more details, see the SMPP specification.


Contents of the PDU registered_delivery field, indicating the type of delivery receipt or acknowledgement that the sender requested. A number in the range 0-32, representing the sum of the following values:0: No SMS delivery receipt requested or_1: SMSC delivery receipt requested on delivery success or failure _or_2: SMSC delivery receipt requested on delivery failure onlyPlus0: No SME acknowledgement requested _or_4: SME Delivery Acknowledgement requested _or_8: SME Manual/User Acknowledgement requested _or 12: Both Delivery and Manual/User Acknowledgements requestedPlus0: No Intermediate notification requested _or_16: Intermediate notification requested


Contents of the PDU data_coding field. Indicates the character set or the noncharacter data type of the message contents, as follows:00000000--SMSC Default Alphabet00000001--IA5 (CCITT T.50)/ASCII (ANSI X3.4)00000010--Octet unspecified (8-bit binary)00000011--Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1)00000100--Octet unspecified (8-bit binary)00000101--JIS (X 0208-1990)00000110--Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)00000111--Latin/Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)00001000--UCS2 (ISO/IEC-10646)00001001--Pictogram Encoding00001010--ISO-2022-JP (Music Codes)00001101--Extended Kanji JIS(X 0212-1990)00001110--KS C 560111xxxxxx--GSM control use only; see the GSM 03.38 specificationFor more details, see the SMPP specification.


The length of the short_message field.


Always SMS.

For more information on the meanings of some of these fields and how to handle incoming SMS messages an SMS gateway listener CFC method, see Handling incoming messages in the Developing ColdFusion Applications.