Returns a ColdFusion Logger object that the event gateway can use to log information in a file.


Event Gateway Development


coldfusion.eventgateway.Logger getLogger([String logfile])

See also

Logger class, Logging events and using log files in Building an event gateway the Developing ColdFusion Applications





The name, without an extension, of a log file in the ColdFusion logs directory. ColdFusion automatically appends a .log extension to the name. If the file does not exist, ColdFusion creates it when it logs the first message. By default, ColdFusion logs to the eventgateway.log file.


A ColdFusion logger object


The Logger class has five methods: debuginfowarnerror, and fatal, that correspond to the severity level that is set in the log message. Each method takes a message string, a Throwable class object, or both.If you pass a Throwable object to these methods, ColdFusion writes the exception information in the exceptions.log file.


The ColdFusion example DirectoryWatcherGateway includes the following line in the constructor to get a logger object:

// We create our own log file, which will be named "watcher.log"
logger = gatewayService.getLogger("watcher");

The following code, from the start of the routine that loads information from the configuration file, uses this object to log the initialization.

// Load the properties file to get our settings
protected void loadconfig() throws ServiceRuntimeException
// load config"DirectoryWatcher (" + gatewayID + ") Initializing
DirectoryWatcher gateway with configuration file " + config);