Sets the gateway's permit mode on the IM server. The permit mode determines whether all users can get the gateway's online state information, or whether the server uses a permit list or a deny list to control which users get state information.


Boolean = setPermitMode(permitMode)

See also

addDeny, addPermit, getDenyList, getPermitList, getPermitMode, removeDeny, removePermit, Using the GatewayHelper object in the Developing ColdFusion Applications





The permission mode, one of the following:

  • PERMIT_ALL-Permits all users to be aware of the gateway's online presence and state. This is the default mode if you do not call this function.
  • PERMIT_SOME-Permits only users in the permit list to be aware of the gateway's online presence and state.
  • DENY_SOME-Prevents all users in the deny list from being aware of the gateway's online presence and state.


True if the permit mode was set; False otherwise.

Note: If the XMPP server does not support permission management, this function returns False to all values except PERMIT_ALL.


See  GatewayHelper example in Using the GatewayHelper object in the Developing ColdFusion Applications, which uses all GatewayHelper class methods.


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