The following list indicates words you must not use for ColdFusion variables, user-defined function names, or custom tag names. Although you can safely use some of these words in some situations, you can prevent errors by avoiding them entirely.

  • Any name starting with cf. However, when you call a CFML custom tag directly, you prefix the custom tag page name with cf_.
  • Built-in function names, such as Now or Hash
  • Scope names, such as Form or Session
  • Operators, such as NE or IS
  • The names of any built-in data structures, such as Error or File
  • The names of any built-in variables, such as RecordCount or CGI variable names
  • The following CFScript language element names:
    • for
    • default
    • switch
    • case
    • continue
    • import
    • finally
    • local (inside function declaration)
    • interface
    • pageencoding
      Remember that ColdFusion is not case sensitive. For example, all of the following are reserved words: IS, Is, iS, and is.

      Note: Keywords in the newly added statements, such as abort, rethrow, param, and so on are not reserved.

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