Returns an instance of the gatewayHelper class, if any for the gateway type.


Event Gateway Development


public GatewayHelper getHelper()

See also

GatewayHelper interfaceProviding Gateway class service and information routines in Building an event gateway in the Developing ColdFusion Applications.


A coldfusion.eventgateway.GatewayHelper class instance, or null if the gateway does not have a GatewayHelper class.


ColdFusion calls this method when a ColdFusion application calls the CFML GetGatewayHelper function. The application then uses the gatewayHelper object methods to call gateway-specific utility methods, such as instant message buddy management methods.


The following example is the ColdFusion SocketGateway class getHelper method:

public GatewayHelper getHelper()
// SocketHelper class implements the GatewayHelper interface
return new SocketHelper();


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