Gateway interface



Interface for implementing ColdFusion event gateways.
A class that implements this interface defines a ColdFusion event gateway type that you can use in ColdFusion applications. The class must implement the following methods:



GatewayName([String id[, StringconfigFile]])

The gateway constructor.

String getGatewayID()

Returns the gateway ID.

GatewayHelper getHelper()

Returns an instance of the GatewayHelper class for this gateway type. instance, or null if the gateway does not have a GatewayHelper class.

int getStatus()

Gets the event gateway status.

String outgoingMessage(coldfusion.eventgateway.CFEvent cfmessage)

Handles a message sent by ColdFusion and processes it to send to a message receiver.

void restart()

Restarts a running event gateway.

void setCFCListeners(String[] listeners)

Identifies the CFCs that listen for incoming messages from the event gateway.

void setGatewayID(String id)

Sets the gateway ID that uniquely identifies the Gateway instance.

void start()

Starts the event gateway.

void stop()

Stops the event gateway.




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