Converts a string to a binary representation.


A binary object that represents the string.


Conversion functionsString functions

Function syntax

CharsetDecode(string, encoding)

See also

BinaryDecodeBinaryEncodeCharsetEncode; Determining the page encoding of server output in Processing a request in ColdFusion in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


ColdFusion MX 7: Added this function.





A string containing data to encode in binary format.


A string that specifies encoding of the input data. Must be a character encoding name recognized by the Java runtime. The following list includes commonly used values:


This function converts a string directly to a binary object. In releases of ColdFusion through ColdFusion MX 6.1, you had to use the ToBase64 function to convert the string to Base64 and then use the ToBinary function to convert strings to binary data.


The following example uses the CharsetDecode function to convert a string to a binary object, and uses the CharsetEncode function to convert it back to the original value. You can change the character encoding that ColdFusion uses for the conversion.

If you select the Asian language encodings, characters that are not in the specified character set are successfully converted.

<h3>Character Encoding Conversion Example</h3> 
<!--- Do the conversions. --->
myString="Hello ColdFusion"
chardecode=CharsetDecode(myString, charEncoding); 
charencode=CharsetEncode(chardecode, charEncoding); 
<!--- Display the input values and results. --->
<h3>Parameter Settings</h3> 
<p><b>The string:</b> 
<p><b>The character encoding:</b> #charEncoding#</p> 
<h3>Results of the operations:</h3> 
<p><b>Dump of the string converted to a binary object by CharsetDecode: 
<cfdump var="#chardecode#"></p> 
<p><b>The binary object converted back to a string by CharsetEncode: 

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