Sorts array elements numerically or alphanumerically.


True, if sort is successful; False, otherwise.

The member function returns the sorted array.


Function syntax

ArraySort(array, sortType [, sortOrder, localeSensitive ])


ArraySort(array, callback)


ColdFusion (2018 release): Made the following changes:

  • Member function returns the sorted array.
  • Introduced named parameters.

ColdFusion 10:

  • Added the localeSensitive parameter.
  • Added alternative callback-based syntax

ColdFusion MX:

  • Changed thrown exceptions: This function can throw the ArraySortSimpleValueException error and ValueNotNumeric error.
  • Changed the order in which sorted elements are returned: In a textnocase, descending sort, this function might return elements in a different sort order than in earlier releases. If sort_type = "textnocase" and sort_order = "desc", ColdFusion processes elements that differ only in case differently from earlier releases, as follows:
    • ColdFusion reverses the elements' original order.
    • Releases earlier than ColdFusion MX do not change the elements' original order.
      For example, in a textnocase, desc sort of d,a,a,b,A, the following occurs:
    • ColdFusion MX and later returns d,b,A,a,a
    • Releases earlier than ColdFusion MX return d,b,a,a,A





Name of an array


Specify if you wish to do a locale sensitive sorting. The default value is false.


  • numeric: sorts numbers
  • text: sorts text alphabetically, taking case into account (also known as case sensitive). All letters of one case precede the first letter of the other case:
    • aabzABZ, if sort_order = "asc" (ascending sort)- ZBAzbaa, if sort_order = "desc" (descending sort)
  • textnocase: sorts text alphabetically, without regard to case (also known as case-insensitive). A letter in varying cases precedes the next letter:
    • aAaBbBzzZ, in an ascending sort; preserves original intra-letter order - ZzzBbBaAa, in a descending sort; reverses original intra-letter order



  • asc - ascending sort order. Default.
    • aabzABZ or aAaBbBzzZ, depending on value of sort_type, for letters- from smaller to larger, for numbers
  • desc - descending sort order.
    • ZBAzbaa or ZzzBbBaAa, depending on value of sort_type, for letters- from larger to smaller, for numbers


A function which take two elements of the array, and returns whether the first is less than (-1), equal to (0) or greater than (1) the second one (similar to how compare() works for strings).


If an array element is something other than a simple element, this function throws an ArraySortSimpleValueException error. If sort_type is numeric and an array element is not numeric, this function throws a ValueNotNumeric error.


In ColdFusion 10, added support for all Java supported locale-specific characters (including support for umlaut characters). A flag for this support has been added for sorttype = "text" or sorttype = "textnocase".


<!--- This example shows ArraySort. ---> 
<cfquery name = "GetEmployeeNames" datasource = "cfdocexamples"> 
SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Employees 
<!--- Create an array. ---> 
<cfset myArray = ArrayNew(1)> 
<!--- Loop through the query and append these names successively to the last element. ---> 
<cfloop query = "GetEmployeeNames"> 
<cfset temp = ArrayAppend(myArray, "#FirstName# #LastName#")> 
<!--- Show the resulting array as a list. ---> 
<cfset myList = ArrayToList(myArray, ",")> 
<!--- Sort that array in descending order alphabetically. ---> 
<cfset isSuccessful = ArraySort(myArray, "textnocase", "desc")> 

Example using a callback:

authors = [
{firstName="Witi", lastName="Ihimaera"},
{firstName="Patricia", lastName="Grace"},
{firstName="Alan", lastName="Duff"},
{firstName="Lee", lastName="Tamahori"}, // OK: not an author
{firstName="Keri", lastName="Hulme"}
function (e1, e2){
return compare(e1.lastName, e2.lastName);

Note that the callback function does not need to be inline, as in the example; it can be any predefined user-defined function.



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