Determines whether a string is a valid representation of a date/time value in the current locale.


True, if the string can be formatted as a date/time value in the current locale; False, otherwise.



LSIsDate(string [, locale])

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ColdFusion 8: Added the locale parameter.ColdFusion MX:

  • Changed formatting behavior: this function might return a different result than in earlier releases. This function uses Java standard locale formatting rules on all platforms.
  • Changed behavior: this function accepts a dash or hyphen character only in the Dutch(Standard) and Portuguese (Standard) locales. If called this way (for example, LsIsDate("3-1-2002") in any other locale, this function returns False. (Earlier releases returned True.)
  • Changed behavior: when using the SUN JRE 1.3.1 on an English(UK) locale, this function returns False for a date that has a one-digit month or day (for example, 1/1/01). To work around this, insert a zero in a one-digit month or day (for example, 01/01/01).





A string or a variable that contains one


Locale to use instead of the locale of the page when processing the function


A date/time object is in the range 100 AD-9999 AD.To set the default display format of date, time, number, and currency values, use the SetLocale function.


<h3>LSIsDate Example</h3> 
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.locale")> 
<!--- if locale is defined, set locale to that entry ---> 
<cfset NewLocale = SetLocale(FORM.locale)> 
<p>Is the value "<cfoutput>#FORM.myValue#</cFOUTPUT>" a proper date 
value for <cfoutput>#GetLocale()#</cfoutput>? 
<p>Answer: <cfoutput>#LSIsDate(FORM.myValue)#</cfoutput> 
<p><form action = "LSIsDate.cfm"> 
<p>Select a locale for which you would like to check a date value: 
<!--- check the current locale for server ---> 
<cfset serverLocale = GetLocale()>

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