The CFML listener CFC methods receive messages in the form of a CFEvent structure that corresponds to the CFEvent class in Event gateway elements in the Developing ColdFusion Applications that gateway developers use. This structure has the following fields. Some of the fields might not be used by all gateways. All fields contain text or numeric values except the Data field, which contains a structure.




The event gateway that sent the event or will handle the outgoing message. The value is the ID of an event gateway instance configured on the ColdFusion Administrator Gateways page. If the application calls the SendGatewayMessage function to respond to the event gateway, it uses this ID as the function's first parameter.


A structure containing the event data, including the message. The Data structure contents depend on the event gateway type. This field corresponds to the SendGatewayMessage function's second parameter.


The originator of the message. The value depends on the protocol or event gateway type. Some event gateways might require this value in response messages to identify the destination of the response. Identifies the sender of the message.


The type of event gateway, such as SMS. An application that can process messages from multiple event gateway types can use this field. This value is the gateway type name that is specified by the event Gateway class. It is not necessarily the same as the gateway type name in the ColdFusion Administrator.


The location of the listener CFC. The listener CFC does not need to use this field.


The listener method that ColdFusion invokes to process the event. The listener CFC does not need to use this field.


The time-out, in seconds, for the listener CFC to process the event request. The listener CFC does not need to use this field.

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