Gets the path to the listener CFC that processes this message.


Event Gateway Development


String getCFCPath()

See also

getCFCMethod, getCFCTimeout, setCFCPath, CFML CFEvent structureCFEvent class in Event gateway elements in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


An absolute path to the application listener CFC that processes the event, as set by the setCFCPath method. If the setCFCPath method has not been called, returns null, not the path specified in the ColdFusion Administrator and used by default by gateway services. Outgoing messages that are returned by a CFC in response to an incoming message also have the CFC method name in this field if the gateway set the field on the incoming message.


Most event gateways do not need to use this method. This method could be useful if a gateway sends messages to multiple CFCs and must determine which CFC is responding.

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